Virginia Transformer Recognizes Outstanding Sales Representatives

Virginia Transformer Recognizes Outstanding Sales Representatives



ROANOKE, Va. (May 23, 2023) – Virginia Transformer Corporation announced it has recognized its external sales representatives for their strong sales performance in 2022. These sales representative firms have made significant contributions to Virginia Transformer’s success by connecting with customers to solve their growing power needs.

The recognition is based on three categories across Virginia Transformer’s Utility, C&I, Renewables, and Canadian/Export markets: most new customers; highest percentage increase in sales from 2021 to 2022; and best sales performance for specific plants in 2022. Virginia Transformer had four plants in 2022 and added a 5th in October in Chihuahua, Mexico.

“This recognition reflects the hard work and dedication of our reps throughout North America,” said Joshua Yun, Vice President of Sales at Virginia Transformer. “Each of our representative firms exemplify our company’s commitment to excellent customer service, and we are proud of the work they have done… and continue to do.”

Virginia Transformer is the largest U.S. manufacturer of power transformers in North America, with facilities across the United States and Mexico. Winning representative firms for 2022 were:

Most New Customers – Utility

Power Services Agency

Highest Percent Increase 2021 to 2022 – Utility


Highest Percent Increase 2021 to 2022 – C&I

Levine Lectronics & Lectric, Inc.

Most New Customers – C&I

Substation Solutions Ltd.

Highest Percent Increase 2021 to 2022 – Export

K.M. Roberts & Associates Ltd.

Most New Customers – Export

Innovelec Ltd.

Most New Customers – Renewables

Tarbell Associates

Best Sales Performance – Chihuahua Plant

Double E Engineering Sales, Inc.

Best Sales Performance – GTC/Rincon Plant

Double E Engineering Sales, Inc.

Best Sales Performance – Roanoke Plant

Ensales, Inc.

Best Sales Performance – Pocatello Plant

Oberlender & Associates

Virginia Transformer to Participate in United Way Campaign

Virginia Transformer to Participate in United Way Campaign


Company will match all employee contributions to organization.

ROANOKE, Va. (March 23, 2023) – Virginia Transformer, the largest U.S.-owned manufacturer of power transformers in North America, announced today that it is conducting a voluntary United Way campaign at its three locations in the Roanoke Valley. The company will match any employee contribution to the program, which will support organizations that help make a difference in the local community.

Virginia Transformer employees have proudly participated in United Way campaigns for decades, but that effort was put on pause during the pandemic. Beginning on March 20, the company will hold kick-off sessions at each building, where employees can speak with United Way representatives and see how their contributions can make an impact in the region. United Way of Roanoke Valley made contributions to dozens of organizations in 2022.

Employees will have payroll deduction options and can choose to self-direct their contributions to an organization that receives funding from United Way or any other qualified 501c3 organization. Employees can also make an undesignated gift, which the United Way will direct to the causes deemed most in need. All contributions will remain in the Roanoke Valley and benefit the local community.

Virginia Transformer has a long history of supporting the United Way and the greater Roanoke Valley. Virginia Transformer contributes more than $100 million in economic impact to the greater Roanoke Valley through its presence and operations, and has been a part of the region for more than 50 years.

Virginia Transformer Earns Major Data Center Contract

Virginia Transformer Earns Major Data Center Contract


20th Major Data Center Award in Past Year.

ROANOKE, Va. (February 28, 2023) – Virginia Transformer (VTC), the largest US-owned transformer manufacturer in North America, announced today it has earned a contract to supply transformers to one of the largest data center operators in the world following a rigorous qualification process that has laid the groundwork for future opportunities between the two companies.

Data center operators have long relied on Virginia Transformer to help ensure a reliable power supply to their projects, which is vital to operating. Data center operators also rely on Virginia Transformer for its expertise in the handling of harmonics, as well as long transformer life.

Over the past 12 months, Virginia Transformer has earned supply contracts from nearly 20 of the largest data center operators in the world.  Virginia Transformer has been serving the data center market for more than 20 years including the Company’s Silver Star® transformers.  Silver Star transformers are built to last.   VTC designs each transformer for the given specification and application presented by the customer. Various parameters of the design are optimized to produce the most efficient and cost-effective design. VTC dry type transformers are self-extinguishing and non-polluting. In addition, they feature:

  • Winding temperature monitor.
  • Reduced audible sound and vibration levels.
  • Vibration isolation.
  • Totally enclosed, non-ventilated design for humid or particle-contaminated environments.

Virginia Transformer Corp has established the benchmark for insulation standards for dry type transformers where the environment has corrosive, particle laden gasses, and high humidity. The dry type designs are made to handle harmonics.  Data Center applications are designed with special coil processing to deliver transformers of the highest reliability in the industry.

For more information on how Virginia Transformer serves the data center market, visit


Transforming the Transformer Industry through Excellence: Interview with Prabhat Jain

Feature Interview With Transformer Technology Magazine

Interview with PRABHAT JAIN

CEO and the steering influencer of Virginia Transformer and Georgia Transformer

“We are bringing more engineers onto the production floor… to continue to write the increase in our quality first pass yield, doing it right the first time, building the product correctly, and following the prints correctly.”

Alan Ross

Hi. I am Alan Ross and this is an APC media profile. I have a guest that I’ve had many times before. Prabhat Jain is the CEO and the steering influencer of Virginia Transformer, Georgia Transformer, and soon to be something we’re about to announce in Mexico. But before we get there: Prab. The last time we talked, it intrigued me so much because we were in the middle of the COVID supply chain issues, right? You talked about that at great length. And then the last one, we talked about a different approach to transformer manufacturing that was needed for all companies. And it really was, about how one could create state-of-the-art production, and how one should focus on a different approach to quality. And it involves staffing, it involves technology, it involved a lot of areas that you have implemented at Virginia Transformer. Tell me a little bit about how it’s gone since our last talk.

Prabhat Jain

Alan, in our country, our biggest challenge is finding people, especially people who have STEM backgrounds. So one of the things that I have been able to do is to hire engineers just straight out of college and then utilize them more on the shop floor. That way, they are able to get their hands on the product. I have also transferred people from our Mexico plant to our plant here in the US. So we’ve hired about 100 engineers from Mexico, and they have come to the US on what we call the TN visa. They are electromechanical engineers and they are working on the winding machine. They do an assembly of 500 MBA transformers and learn about a new state-of-the-art, highly automated, and sophisticated coat-cutting machine that requires engineers to run it. We have also hired about 40 local engineers in our three US Plants. And in our Mexico plant, we have hired about 50 new engineers in the last six months. So we are bringing more engineers onto the production floor.

At the same time, we started a program that we call EPI Three, which is Equivalent Proficiency Index Three. That means in one year, we get the person to become proficient, equivalent to a three-year person. It works like this: For six months out of the one year, they train full-time. We retrain them, reinforce, educate them, and then we actually have places where we build a transformer in an educational function. We have winding machines and actual transformers which are used for teaching people how to build a transformer. So they build it and we take it apart and build it again. Hands-on crimping and torquing and sealing, on a real product. Not the one that is going to be shipped to the customer, of course. This is a practice product.

So there are three prongs to this. One is to bring engineers on the floor and bring engineers from Mexico, because there are plenty of engineers available there. They progress from there to become technical leaders of the plant as technicians, quality engineers, process engineers etc.

I’ve established a goal for my companies that 20% of the personnel in the manufacturing operation must be engineers and technicians. If I have 500 workers, and operators, I need 100 engineers on the floor. It’s a realization after many years of saying, Why can’t we improve our quality beyond where we were five years ago, three years ago?

We reached a plateau of what we can do with the labor force available and how much we can train them. So then the next level to rise would be by engineers complementing the operators. This is my solution going forward, to continue to write the increase in our quality first pass yield, doing it right the first time, building the product correctly, and following the prints correctly. It’s a huge investment in terms of personnel and in terms of management to oversee this personnel but that is what it takes to ensure the quality of our custom-built transformers. Because not only does it give you better quality in the plant and a better product for the customer, but it is more satisfying for the people that work in the plant. That is the bigger benefit of this. Because they are successful, we are successful. They feel happy and satisfied. We haven’t had a failure for the last hundred units. I started the project last year. This year we’ll be getting some output, getting some traction, and making an impact on the quality continuously. And in the next three to five years, we will continue to rise up on that curve of quality. And over a period of time, I’m sure we’re going to do even better.

The other project we launched is automation. I’m starting a robotic lab. We launched it last year. We have hired wonderful engineers. They go to school and do robotic engineering and we hire them straight from out of college. And these young people will give you all these ideas and projects to do fun things. We send them to the shop to start trying out stuff and see what you can automate. So it’s really a lab, and it’s so exciting. I think in about two years, we would have some robotic applications in transformer making, which will be the first in the world. Very few robots are used in transformer making.

“There is so much demand for transformers and nobody is building up more capacity. Lead times are growing longer and longer. So that’s when I launched this plan.”


Everything you’re talking about is really cutting-edge. I know transformer manufacturing very well, and we’ve gotten into this old mindset in the industry that hat’s the way we’ve always done it. And maybe they make minor changes here or there but you’re talking about major changes. As an engineer, I would love to come to work for you, except I’m retired, so I can’t. But we engineers have a passion for making things better.


Yes, you certainly do. We have hired six PhDs in the last nine months. And you will be surprised but they are chemistry and physics PhDs. You would wonder why I would need chemistry and physics PhDs, but those are basic sciences. They will help me a lot, and they are solving problems. They are coming up with ideas. For how to better cool the transformer, how to better secure the transformer against oxidation and then moisture generation. Scientists can do anything. Engineers can do anything. And you just have to give them some vision, turn them loose, and they will go solve problems.


I couldn’t agree more. I want to go back to the plant you opened in Mexico, in Chihuahua, and I’m glad you said that it’s not just a separate isolated thing but part of this collaborative project you have described. Why Chihuahua? When is it opening?


I realized probably about two or three years ago that the demand for transformers with renewable energy battery storage and then data centers are going to be so huge that the supply simply isn’t there. And then I estimated one time that we’re going to be falling short on the pad-mounted transformers in the world by 20,000 transformers a year. And that’s just a narrow estimate from what I could gather. And then nobody is putting up plants for pad-mounted transformers, at least in North America.

I also realized about a year ago, that we are decoupling from China and that decoupling from China would mean that we really have to do a lot of production at home. And then that production is going to be everything. It’s going to be steel, it’s going to be cement, it’s going to be paper, it’s going to be pharmaceuticals, and then cars and batteries and semiconductors. So that’s a huge push. This 40 billion semiconductor plant that Taiwan Semiconductor is putting in Arizona alone is going to require roughly $300 million worth of transformers. There’s a brand-new application because it wasn’t there three years ago. There is the technology that is coming along on the energy side where they want to electrolysis, separate the hydrogen from water and they’re going to combine it with carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and make synthetic fuel. there’s. The first project of this going up in Texas, and it’s going to require $500 million worth of transformers in the next three years. Just that one project. And there’s going to be about 15 of those all over the world and of course, many others that are happening. There is so much demand for transformers and nobody is building up more capacity. Lead times are growing longer and longer. So that’s when I launched this plan.

Initially, this plan was only to build small transformers because I saw that 20,000 shortage. However, I started to think about it and meet customers and then listen to the energy specials on Bloomberg and the interviews of the CEOs that they do on Bloomberg. And I started realizing the demand for medium power and large power transformers in our country is going to grow because of the decoupling with China and the energy revolution. So we are really building the infrastructure, the industrial infrastructure in our country to support the new manufacturing and the new energy demand. That is why we have launched this plan. It took somewhere around 15-16 months to build. It’s amazing what they have been able to do in such a short time.

It’s all state-of-the-art: All the wiring is underground, and the piping is underground. There is nothing overhead. Cranes can run freely everywhere. Everything is lifted by the crane by robotic platforms. You can move them with the remote control, and you can gear them anywhere you want them to go. They carry the transformer from one station to the other station for work. The plant is also fully air-conditioned. And it is only the second plant in North America that can boast that. Our Georgia is fully air-conditioned as well. That gives you a very dry, very reliable transformer insulation system. There was a company in Mexico, that was there for, I think, 70, 80 years, and then they closed, so we hired all their engineers. These were shop managers and manufacturers with 20, 30 years of experience and we hired everybody and we brought them to our plant.

So in addition to this small transformer, I then added a line in there for medium power. We can build up 200 MVA in that plant now. 230 KV, 100 MVA. This is important because there are seven LNG terminals being built in our country right now, and each one of them requires $500 million worth of transformers over a period of about seven to eight years. That is huge. Our new plant went into operation in October and the medium power line is already backlogged for 50 weeks. In just three months, we have gotten so much demand. So think about one thing: If this plant wasn’t there, where would they get those transformers from?


The lead times would grow even longer.


And what does this mean for the country, Alan? As a country, we wouldn’t be able to do these projects. They would have to be postponed by one year. That means you hold back the progress for one year. I mean, that’s the impact. So that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing. So we can give you transformers now, so we can develop synthetic fuel now, so we can build our LNG terminals now to export the gas that we are now flaring in the atmosphere. We can keep that and convert it into liquid and then send it to Europe. They need gas over there.




This is what I’ve been able to do with these new plants. And my managers, the leaders of the company, know that it isn’t just about building transformers and expanding our business. This is about helping our country to maintain and develop our infrastructure and become more self-reliant. That’s so important.


I’m with you. Now, there’s another side effect. You kind of mentioned it. There was the Mexican plant that closed and all those people lost their jobs. Now they have jobs again. What is this doing in Chihuahua? It’s got to be having such a positive impact on that community.


The governor of the state, the mayor, and the secretary of the state, they’re so energized by our design center. We have 200 engineers in the design center now over there. They say this is wonderful because not only are we giving jobs to the people who make harnesses because that’s what most of the American plants do there, but we are building a real product there with real engineers. We do engineering there for us, the Mexican engineers are building products, and designing products for us. So the folks in Chihuahua are so energized. The leaders are saying this gives a big status to them. We created 600 new jobs in Chihuahua in the last six, or nine months. The standard of living in Chihuahua is rising so fast. They have a brand-new district now with shopping areas, cinemas, restaurants, and so forth because the standard of living has gone up so much in such a short time. And not only that, the education is so good. Their engineers have respect for the company’s process and they follow it pedantically. That’s one thing I think they have an advantage over Americans. They follow the process. Because they have respect for the company, the managers, and the standard. I find that to be a differentiator.


Everything that you said today you are completely right about. It’s no longer a supply chain issue. It’s a demand curve issue. The demand curve is changing far more rapidly than we thought it was going to because we’ve been looking at where transformers are and not where they are going to have to be in the future. EV charging alone is going to change the demand curve. The transformer is the heart of the power system anywhere and we’ve got heart surgery going on because we have a lot of aging transformers that we’ve got to take out of service. They’re going to fail catastrophically if we don’t do something. So you got life cycle planning. You’ve got this demand curve increasing rapidly. But at the same time the need for quality, which is longevity and jobs and everything it seems to me you’re addressing a lot of them. When is the plant officially going to have a grand opening?


We will have a ribbon cutting ceremony on 10 February. It’s really just to mark the event. Basically, the plant has already produced and shipped its first transformers. But on February 10, about 40 people from Virginia Transformer will be going down there to see and feel connected and be proud of what the extension of Virginia Transformer is. And of course, the local people will be there, the officials like the mayor and secretary, and we invited customers.


Make sure you get some really good pictures because I’m going to do a story on the grand opening and we’re going to publish it because I would love to promote what you’re doing. I think it’s brilliant work.


Absolutely. I think it’s going to help our country a whole lot.


Prabhat, I love what you’re doing. Everything you’ve talked about valuing people to create value for the marketplace. You are doing outstanding work. I always love talking to you.


Thank you very much. Appreciate the opportunity to give my thoughts.


This is Alan Ross with APC media and Prabhat Jain, who is the CEO of Virginia Transformer. Thank you so much for being with us today.


Thank you very much.

Virginia Transformer Inaugurates New Plant




VTC’s 5th Manufacturing Plant Will Further Extend Its Position of Shortest Lead Times in the Industry.

CHIHUAHUA, Mexico and ROANOKE, Va. (Feb. 10, 2023) – Virginia Transformer officially inaugurated its fifth manufacturing facility in North America today. The new plant, located in Chihuahua, Mexico, has been in operation since October 2022 and was officially opened during a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Virginia Transformer CEO/CTO Prabhat Jain, company customers, sales representatives, vendors, employees, and state and elected officials including Chihuahua mayor, Marco Bonilla and ministers.

The new plant is the most technologically advanced transformer facility for reliability in North America and will further extend the company’s leadership in having the shortest lead times in the industry.   Virginia Transformer can deliver a made-to-specification, state-of-the-art transformer in less than half the time of its competitors.

“Virginia Transformer is thankful that our customers, representatives, vendors, and the governor and mayor were able to join us in this celebration today,” said Prabhat Jain. “We have a new generation facility led by dedicated employees, building upon the more than 50-year legacy of excellence, all with a focus on serving our customers.

“To see the faces of our employees on this special day – opening the best transformer facility in North America and knowing it will create good jobs and contribute to the community and the industry is equally gratifying,” said Jain. “The process from concept to production took only 15 months. The Chihuahua team pulled together to make this happen and it is wonderful to see the pride they take in serving our customers throughout North America.”

The new plant (P2) is situated on 300,000 square feet with room for expansion. It joins Virginia Transformer’s original Chihuahua plant (P1), which opened in 1995. The new facility employs more than 450 people, including more than 100 engineers.

The plant has enormous capabilities and was designed for flexibility. It includes an in-house advanced design center, vapor-phase drying ovens, and an automated test lab. The new facility is fully temperature- and humidity-controlled and features:

  • Four production lines for E2X oil-filled transformers up to 7 MVA.
  • Dry-type transformers up to 7 MVA, 35 kV, 150 BIL.
  • Integrated Power Module (IPM) production.
  • Heavy-duty robotic carts for material delivery to shop floor, coil and core landing, and transformer transport through to final assembly (no forklifts).
  • A class-7 clean room for the winding and assembly process.

The new Chihuahua P2 capability is up to 100 MVA, 950 BIL for utility, industrial and renewable markets.

Virginia Transformer, with a capacity of 67000 MVA, is the largest US manufacturer of Power Transformers in North America, with facilities in Pocatello, Idaho; Rincon, Georgia; Roanoke, Virginia; and now two plants in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Virginia Transformer to Inaugurate New Plant




New Plant in Chihuahua to Produce Transformers Up To 100 MVA with Capability to Expand Product Range to Larger Transformers in the Future.

Roanoke, VA – January 5, 2023 – Virginia Transformer, the largest US-owned manufacturer of electrical transformers in North America with the shortest lead times in the industry, will officially inaugurate its new state-of-the-art, 130,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Chihuahua on February 10.   The new plant began production in late October 2022 and has begun to ship transformers.  The official ribbon-cutting ceremony for the plant will be on February 10, 2023.

The new plant is the fifth in Virginia Transformer’s portfolio and will further extend the Company’s leadership in having the shortest lead times in the industry.  Depending upon the size needed, Virginia Transformer can deliver a custom-made, state-of-the-art transformer in less than half the time of the rest of the industry.

“Our new plant in Chihuahua is a technical achievement in every way,” said Prabhat Jain, Virginia Transformer CEO/CTO.  “The new plant is the most sophisticated transformer operation in North America,” added Jain.  “Right now, the plant can produce transformers up to 100 MVA serving a variety of markets.  As it matures, we will expand the product range to include larger transformers for our customers who need units in shorter time to support their projects.”

“As amazing as the new plant is with robots to move units, no forklift trucks, full A/C, white floors, the training our team has done to ready the more than 350 people to make transformers there, is equally amazing.  Their commitment to excellence and our customers, warms the heart,” said Jain.

Virginia Transformer’s other manufacturing facilities are in Pocatello, Idaho; Rincon, Georgia; Roanoke, Virginia; and the first plant in Chihuahua, Mexico.

DOE Secretary Granholm and Senator Kaine cut ribbon on EV Charging

Virginia Transformer Corp. (VTC), the Roanoke-based manufacturer of power transformers, today announced it has entered the electric vehicle charging market with the launch of its (E2V) Integrated Power Solution.


Roanoke’s Virginia Transformer Corp. (VTC) Enters Electric Vehicle Charging Market
Company Launches New E2V Integrated Power Solution

To Expand Its Troutville Facility; Create Two New Production Lines; Add 30 Jobs

Roanoke, Virginia – August 14, 2022 – Virginia Transformer Corp. (VTC), the Roanoke-based manufacturer of power transformers, today announced it has entered the electric vehicle charging market with the launch of its (E2V) Integrated Power Solution.

“Electric vehicle infrastructure is rapidly expanding as the United States strives to achieve net-zero emissions targets. By 2030 it is estimated 48 million electric vehicles will be in use in the U.S., supported by 30 million charging stations,” said Prabhat K Jain, CEO and CTO of Virginia Transformer.

“As the largest U.S.-owned power transformer manufacturer in North America, Virginia Transformer has a reputation for designing and building innovative solutions for flexible deployment. With 50 years of experience and the industry’s shortest lead time, the EV market is a natural fit for us, and we are actively engaged to help the country build the needed infrastructure,” he added.

Virginia Transformer’s E2V solution was designed and developed at its world headquarters here in Roanoke. A team of engineers, product development leaders, and quality control experts from Roanoke helped scope and implement the first protype. Plans call for the Company’s nearby facility in Troutville, VA to be central to production as production ramps up.

“Our team here in Roanoke saw the opportunity and how our technologies can meet the market’s needs, quickly developed a concept, and then moved to building our first protype which we’re showing to customers in the market to a very warm reception,” said Jain. “It’s exciting to see how the team seized an opportunity and are helping to address a real need in the country as the necessary infrastructure is built.”

More than a transformer, E2V is an integrated power solution that is a self-contained, plug-and-play power module. The uniqueness of E2V is the flexible configuration that enables users to build a scalable, integrated power module where they can be up and running faster than other options.

“EV infrastructure’s biggest challenges are procurement, logistics, coordination, and field integration. Virginia Transformer’s E2V solution addresses these issues by housing and connecting the main components (switchgear, transformer, breaker) into an integrated unit allowing us to quickly deliver a plug-and-play, easy-to-install, power solution supporting EV infrastructure’s rapid deployment across the U.S.,” said Jain.

“We are excited by both the opportunity this presents our employees and the community, but also helping to contribute to the reduction in transportation emissions for the good of our planet,” he added.

As a result, Virginia Transformer will transform its nearby Troutville, VA facility from being a component producer for other facilities, to a complete manufacturing facility delivering end products to Virginia Transformer customers.

To do this, the Company is in the process of building two complete production lines in Troutville that will make IPM and E2X offerings for its megamarkets businesses, including Electric Vehicle Charging, Data Centers, Battery Storage, and Bitcoin/Digital Currency. The Company anticipates beginning initial production on these lines this Fall and adding approximately 30 jobs across all functions to support the business in Troutville.

To learn more about Virginia Transformer’s E2V solution, visit

About VTC: Virginia Transformer Corp. is the largest US-owned power transformer manufacturer in North America and provides custom-engineered power transformers for bitcoin, data center, utilities, renewables, and specialty markets. Products range in power from 500kVA to 500MVA cores, up to 1,400MVA shell. Our mission is to deliver the perfect transformer for any application. To learn more, visit us at

Transformers Magazine’s Interview with Mr. Prabhat Jain

“The technology that we use in the USA is unique to the USA. So, we want to build a product for the USA with US technology. That is very important for us as we continue to grow.'” Mr. Prabhat K. Jain, CEO/CTO, Virginia Transformer Corp

Transformers Magazine, a leading publication in the power transformers industry, recently conducted a live interview at the IEEE PES T&D conference in New Orleans with our CEO/CTO, Mr. Prabhat Jain. To access the interview, please click on the link below:


VTC to Open Its 5th Manufacturing Plant

VTC is building a 2nd, 300,000 square foot transformer manufacturing facility in Chihuahua, MX. This plant that will open later this year will incorporate best-in-class design, manufacturing technology and assembly automation and will manufacture small-power, E2X Series oil filled and Dry Type transformers for renewable,

Hakan Sahin awarded “Outstanding Service Award” from IEEE

Hakan Sahin awarded “Outstanding Service Award” from IEEE

On Wednesday, March 30th, 2022, Mr. Hakan Sahin, was chosen to receive the coveted “Outstanding Service Award” from IEEE. Mr. Sahin was also recently promoted to the position of Assistant VP of Manufacturing Operations. Previously, he held the position of Corporate Director of Process Excellence. As part of his work with IEEE, Mr. Sahin chairs three different working groups, including:

  • C57.12.90 (Continues revisions to Test code for power and distribution transformers)
  • C57.125 (Failure investigation, Analysis and reporting for power and distribution transformers)
  • C57.138 (Routine impulse test for distribution transformers)

Mr. Sahin has also been very involved with conducting webinars to help share his knowledge of everything related to transformers with our customers, sales reps, employees, and attendees at multiple industry events. Virginia Transformer Corp is known for its highly-experienced engineers and Mr. Sahin is a shining example. We consider ourselves lucky to have him on our team and want to extend the most sincere congratulations to him on earning this well-deserved award!


Virginia Transformer Ships Record-Breaking 168 MVA Transformer with FR3

Virginia Transformer Ships Record-Breaking 168 MVA Transformer with FR3

It’s always exciting and a great source of pride to break a record, but it’s a real adrenaline rush when you succeed in breaking the same record even further! Last year, we delivered a 150 MVA transformer with FR3 fluid which was the largest such unit in the US, and just recently, we outdid ourselves by shipping an even larger 168 MVA; 138-34.5kV (550 BIL) transformer with FR3 fluid!

FR3 is a natural ester fluid that’s a derivative of vegetable oils. The eco-friendly fluid, designated as ultimately biodegradable by the EPA, maintains dielectric strength at low temperatures, and serves as an alternative to mineral oil which is commonly used in power transformers. The electrical and thermal design considerations for FR3 require deep design and manufacturing expertise.

Both the 150 MVA and 168 MVA transformers with FR3 fluid are being used to move energy for projects involving large data centers which are critical assets of today’s digital infrastructure. The application requirements of data centers are demanding and must be designed to achieve high-efficiency (to drive low PUE ratio), monitoring capability at DCIM level, zero downtime, low sound, and to be “green” (environmentally-friendly) and fire-retardant.

With FR3, BIL can be more critical than MVA.  We have built transformers with a maximum of 750 BIL so far, and have completed analysis for 900 BIL in major – minor and bulk oil clearances. We continue to advance our technology further for higher BILs.

Virginia Transformer Corp (VTC) is a leading supplier of power transformers to the data center market segment and is committed to continue our pursuit in designing the perfect transformer.

Congratulations to all our employees who helped make this specific project a spectacular success!!!

Transformer Technology Magazine Interviews Mr. Prabhat K. Jain

Transformer Technology Magazine Interviews Mr. Prabhat K. Jain

As the influential news source and a vehicle for disseminating game-changing ideas, Transformer Technology magazine provides authoritative and trustworthy coverage of the transformer and transformer-related industries.

Our own CEO/CTO, Mr. Prabhat Jain, was recently interviewed by Mr. Alan Ross, Editor-In-Chief for the current edition. You can read the transcription of the interview at (digital subscription is free):

Virginia-Georgia Transformer Invites You to attend a Webinar on Transformer Gassing

Virginia-Georgia Transformer invites you to attend a Webinar on Transformer Gassing

Virginia-Georgia Transformer Corporation was founded in 1971 and we think an important part of our company’s development is to share what we have learned on how to properly design, engineer, and manufacture a transformer. We are in a constant pursuit to make the perfect transformer and are inviting all our customers to engage with us for an hour.

Why Transformers Gas and How to Interpret the Results

In this webinar, we will discuss how the design and construction of power transformers corollate with the gasses generated during operation and, most importantly, during faults. Understanding the causes for each specific gas, how to analyze the gas results, and decisions that should be made per the levels of the gasses will also be discussed. Related IEEE standards associated with these topics will be reviewed. Two sessions will be offered and presented by Hakan Sahin.


These Webinars DO qualify for Continuing Education Credits.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to your local sales representative or VT-GT directly at:

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About the presenter:

Hakan Sahin has been in the transformer industry for over 25 years with extensive experiences in testing, quality, design, operations, sales and marketing, and executive management for small, medium, large, distribution and special transformers, respectively. He graduated from Middle East Technical University, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, with additional accredited degrees on Project Management, Lean Management Systems, 6-Sigma Black Belt. He has been the Chairman for the IEEE TF for C57.12.90, Test Code for Power and Distribution Transformers over 5 years. He started as Chairman for the IEEE WG for C57.125, Failure Investigation, Analysis and Reporting in 2021, and will be the Chairman for the IEEE TF for C57.138 Recommended Practice for Routine Impulse Tests for Distribution Transformers starting in 2022. He is currently the Corporate Director of Business Excellence for Virginia and Georgia Transformers.


Virginia Transformer Corp Attends CleanPower 2021


Virginia Transformer Corp recently attended and exhibited at the CLEANPOWER 2021 conference in Salt Lake City, UT. In addition to showcasing our products and services, we also designed and built a scaled-down version of nacelle transformer (please see photo).

According to CLEANPOWER, “20 years ago, 20% renewable goals were aggressive. Today, as we work to fully satisfy the increasing demand of clean energy from American consumers, we have our heights set much higher. The question is no longer is it possible, but how quickly can we get there. We get there by accelerating the energy transition, together.”

Virginia Transformer Corp has supplied more transformers to support renewable energy projects in the US than any other company and remains committed to supporting the transition to clean energy.

Virginia Transformer Corp Attends EEI 56th Financial Conference


Virginia Transformer Corp is pleased to announce that it attended and sponsored the Edison Electric Institutes’ 56th Financial Conference on November 7-10, 2021, in Hollywood, FL.

The EEI Financial Conference is the premier industry gathering of electric company c-suite officers, investors and members of the financial community. The annual conference provides a unique opportunity for its delegates to network and discuss major issues impacting electric companies, their investors, customers, and key stakeholders. This is an exclusive, invite-only event, which fosters an interactive and engaging setting for speakers, delegates, and sponsors. The meeting features general session presentations, break-out company

Conference Video:

Prabhat Jain named to Virginia 500 Power List

Virginia Transformer Corp’s CEO and Owner, Prabhat Jain, has been named to the exclusive “Virginia 500: The 2021 Power List,” which recognizes the state’s most powerful and influential leaders by sector. Published by Virginia

Business, this is the second annual edition of the Virginia 500 Power List. Prabhat Jain is one of only 29 leaders listed in the Manufacturing Sector! This recognition accentuates and adds to the multiple accolades this year on the company’s 50th anniversary and on taking the position of being the #1 US-owned power transformer manufacturer in North America.

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Pocatello Plant Makes History With Its Largest Autotransformer Ever

We are proud to announce that we have completed the manufacturing and final assembly testing (passed on first attempt) of the largest autotransformer ever in the history of our Pocatello plant, located in Pocatello, ID.
The 168 MVA, 161/69/13.2 KV, 750/350/150 KV BIL, 55/65°C rise 3-phase autotransformer was built for the Paris Board of Public Utilities for its Eagle Creek Substation.
According to the customer’s website, the completion of the new substation will provide a redundant feed from TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) and a second delivery point to aid in having a loop transmission feed for parts of Henry County resulting in increased reliability for its customers.

Virginia Transformer Corp would like to thank the Paris Board of Public Utilities for partnering with us on this project and to congratulate the teams on both sides for a job well done!

VTC-GTC Partners With Tesla on Battery Energy Storage System Project

Excited to partner with Tesla on one of their cutting-edge projects! VTC-GTC’s 106 MVA 138 kV GSU Transformer for Tesla’s Gambit Energy Storage Park – which is a Battery Energy Storage System #BESS installation, serves the community of City of Angleton, TX. This #BESS provides the local electric grid with backup energy reserves and helps integrate and stabilize new renewable energy resources. This transformer for #Tesla continues to strengthen our market leadership in US #RenewableEnergy sector. This special unit was designed, built and shipped from our Pocatello Plant. Great work, Team Pocatello! Our rep (Double E) and EPC (Dashiell) were a key part of this success story as well.

VTC 50th Anniversary Press-Release

Major Player in U.S. Electrical Power Industry Celebrates Half Century of Service

Virginia manufacturer sees market leadership, global impact add to its success

 Roanoke, Va. (June 23, 2021) – In its 50-year history, Roanoke-based Virginia Transformer Corporation (VTC) has gone from producing small power transformers to become the largest United States-based power transformer OEM with the largest engineering team in the industry – a 1,500-person team – and five plants in North America. Its customers have included Fortune 500 companies such as Tesla, Chevron, Duke Energy, Edison International, and Siemens.

 In recognition of a half century of service and looking ahead toward the next 50 years, CEO Prabhat Jain announced two new corporate initiatives created to attract and retain top workforce talent as the company strives for continued growth.

  •  An employee financial aid fund to support workers experiencing temporary unexpected hardship such as illness.
  • A scholarship award for children of VTC employees to award funds for up to four years of college education.

 “As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, I want to reflect back on the last 50 years and recognize how we have traversed obstacles and reached industry-leading milestones,” said CEO Prabhat K. Jain. “In my 39 years as CEO here, I’ve realized that it’s the people, the focus on the customer, and the technology that brings us continued success, and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

 An American-owned, Minority Business Enterprise, Virginia Transformer Corporation has leveraged the technical background of its leaders and engineers, giving them the agility to react faster to changing market demands and to the needs of customers and employees. At 50 years, VTC has powered the U.S. and the world, providing transformers to the likes of Walt Disney, FermiLab, Washington Metro, and NASA. In 2003, VTC came to the aid of the Army Corps of Engineers by designing, building, and shipping six 15-MVA transformers in just six weeks for the Gulf War rebuilding projects.  

 “Going forward, transformers will continue to be at the heart and soul of transforming energy from sources of creation to sources of consumption,” said President Anoop Nanda. “The United States’ aging energy infrastructure requires many assets to be replaced to enhance grid reliability and security, and Virginia Transformer is a key player in getting that done with 50 years of expertise and innovation.”

 By 1982, when Mr. Jain joined the company as President, VTC was mired in debt and still a minor player in the industry. “I came with one expectation – to lead a business,” Jain said. Under Jain’s leadership, VTC began to broaden and diversify its customer base and product line, developing new technologies and delivering high-reliability transformers with a 60-year service life – the longest in the industry, eventually becoming the market leader that it is today.

 About Virginia Transformer Corporation

 Virginia Transformer Corporation is the largest U.S.-based power transformer OEM and provides custom-engineered power transformers for utility, renewable energy, industrial, mining, oil and gas, commercial, institutional, specialty, and export markets. Products range in power from 500-kVA to 1400-MVA and up to 525 kV. Its goal is to deliver the perfect transformer for any application.

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Rajiv Kumar

P. 540.682.5213




The 50th Anniversary celebrations at Roanoke and Troutville facilities went very well.


  • Speech by Prabhat Jain capturing the significance and the journey to this milestone for VT-GT, stakeholders, and our nation
  • Proclamation by guest – Councilman Joe Cobb, on behalf of City – declaring 23rd June as Virginia Transformer Corporation day!
  • Talk by Roanoke Chamber of Commerce CEO – Joyce Waugh on the importance of VTC to the region and the partnership for the future
  • Broad participation and great engagement by salaried and shop employees. Plant Manager Tim Smith (VTCR) and Mark Spangler (VTCT) addressed the shop employees
  • 9 Displays – with write-ups and pictures – showcasing the 50- year journey – saw a lot of interest among employees, visiting dignitaries, and media
  • Food trucks with a variety of options – Pizza, Wings, Vegan, Gyros, Ice cream, etc. was well received
    • Cake Cutting Ceremony with visiting dignitaries
    • News media coverage and press release

50th Anniversary Celebrations at VTCR

Grand Celebration [September 2021]

Roanoke, VA (September 2, 2021)

GRAND CELEBRATION [September 2021]

50 years. Five decades. Half a century. No matter how you spin it, fifty years is a long time, and this is the length of time Virginia Transformer Corporation (VTC) has been on its journey to become the #1 US-based power transformer company in the country. Lead by our CEO/CTO Mr. Prabhat Jain (pictured left), what started out as a pursuit with a small, dedicated team to build the perfect transformer, VTC has grown at double-digit rates over the past several decades and now has the widest product range of power transformers, four strategically-located manufacturing plants, one fabrication facility, and over 1,500 employees, including 200 engineers.

Upon entering the Hotel Roanoke, guests comprised of government officials, local council members, Board of Directors, VTC leadership, customers, vendors, and employees could browse through an assortment of poster boards showing the company’s history and evolution of growth. Following a formal dinner, the Master of Ceremonies (and one of the original founders of VTC) Mr. John Rocovich, introduced special guests including VTC Corporate Secretary – Mr. Doug Densmore (who read a letter from Senator Mark Warner), Mr. Ben Kline (congressman), Mr. Joe Cobb (city council member), Ms. Patricia White Boyd (Vice-Mayor), Ms. Vivian Sanchez Jones (city council member), and Ms. Joyce Waugh (CEO, Roanoke Chamber of Commerce), who each congratulated VTC on its success.

When Mr. Jain approached the podium to share his thoughts and gratitude, he noted how “it has been a great honor to get the acknowledgment from the elected officials and the government saying what we do for the country is important.”  With over 200 engineers as the foundation of our company, we have been able to provide our country with solutions for special power requirements with our custom-designed transformers. Of course, none of this would not have been possible without the trust of our 6,000+ customers, our vendors (“the life-blood of our supply chain”), our employees, and our team of more than 100 sales reps located through North America. Mr. Jain then took his guests on a journey of how VTC has evolved into what it is today and spoke about the importance of education and changing demographics leaving guests pondering the question “who will be the next leader (of the free world)?”

Leading up to the grand event, separate celebrations were held at each of the company’s plants including Chihuahua in May, Rincon (Georgia Transformer) in August, and Pocatello in July. Mr. Jain kicked off each ceremony with a speech capturing the significance and the journey to this milestone for the company, its stakeholders, and our nation. Afterward, speeches were given by invited dignitaries to guests consisting of local media salaried and shop employees and included lunch and a cake-cutting ceremony. Scattered throughout the premises were nine displays describing the company’s journey for guests and members from the press to learn more about the company’s history.


Roanoke,VA(June 2021)

The 50th Anniversary celebrations at Roanoke and Troutville facilities went very well.

Highlights of the event included:

  • Speech by Prabhat Jain capturing the significance and the journey to this milestone for VTC-GTC, stakeholders,
    and our nation
  • Proclamation by guest – Councilman Joe Cobb, on behalf of City – declaring 23rd June as Virginia Transformer Corporation day!
  • Talk by Roanoke Chamber of Commerce CEO – Joyce Waugh on the importance of VTC to the region and the partnership for the future
  • Broad participation and great engagement by salaried and shop employees.
  • Plant Manager Tim Smith (VTCR) and Mark Spangler (VTCT) addressed the shop employees
  • 9 Displays – with write-ups and pictures – showcasing the 50-year journey – saw a lot of interest among employees, visiting dignitaries, and media
  • Food trucks with a variety of options – Pizza, Wings, Vegan, Gyros, Ice cream, etc. was well received
  • Cake Cutting Ceremony with visiting dignitaries