Transforming Energy for America

Data Centers

In this electronic age, storage, back-up, and security of data is invaluable. From megabytes to terabytes, saving information securely is a basic requirement, and failure simply is not an option. For data centers to ensure this peace of mind, they depend on the most reliable components for their electrical power value chain. Power transformers from Virginia Transformer are a critical part of this value chain.

Our history in specialty design laid the foundation for a solid engineering-based company specializing in transformer and reactor solutions for industrial, commercial, and utility applications. Virginia Transformer now operates 6 manufacturing facilities in North America to service our global markets. Our success comes not only through our dedication to producing a top-quality product, but equally through innovations in our processes driving us to the forefront of our markets.

Data Center Value Drivers

Let Virginia Transformer help design your ideal data center power solution today. Whether it’s dry type transformers, pad mount transformers, or power transformers, our team can provide you with the best product offerings and lead times in the industry.