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Over the past five decades, Virginia Transformer Corp., (VTC) has become the largest US-owned manufacturer of power transformers in North America. The company was established in 1971, in Roanoke, VA, and started by manufacturing specialty transformers for the mining and steel industries, which required a high level of engineering expertise. The business has grown on this foundation of strong engineering talent. Current management took over leadership of the business in 1982, and the product range and markets served has expanded rapidly ever since to cover all of North America and countries around the globe.

Increasing to 15 MVA, 115 KV oil-insulated transformers in 1989 – as well as dry-type transformers up to 10 MVA, 35 kV – at the Roanoke plant, allowed the company to serve heavy industry and utility power applications. Currently, the company has five (5) plants in North America and has the capability to manufacture up to 500 MVA, 525 kV class units. Virginia Transformer offers solutions for transformer design across a broad spectrum of utility, industrial, renewable energy, and commercial applications. This gives us the widest product range and the broadest application experience in all markets.

Today, with 400 engineers, VTC with its affiliate GTC, is the leading designer and manufacturer of power transformers in North America. In our continued pursuit of perfection, we are applying our engineering skills to build a transformer that will last for 60 years to make the electrical grid reliable and resilient in North America. With our well-equipped plants and overlap of range between the plants, VTC is the most reliable in the industry — the one-stop shop for transformers.

Our rapid growth in the last 40 years comes from technical strength and a focus on quality and customer service in all areas of our business. To ensure quality and on-time shipping, you need people; that is why our company has more than 2200 employees – more than 400 of those are engineers, with graduate, post-graduate, and PhD degrees in all disciplines of business. Continuous improvement in design and manufacturing processes has reduced our defect rate to < 1% of transformers shipped, with efforts underway to reduce that even further. Our staff has more than 300 years of combined transformer-design experience, and there are more than 15,000 designs on file in our archives, providing an extensive resource for selecting the optimum solution for any power transformer application. Our customers tell us that our technology, processes, people, and performance are the best in the industry.


As the largest US-owned transformer manufacturer in North America, we have many goals for the future. We will continue to train our workforce at all locations and further reduce our lead times. We will pursue growth for all employees as we grow in new markets to boost our economy and create more jobs for American workers. And we will do all of this with a specific focus to improve customer experience and overall customer service.

We are taking decisive actions to achieve these goals. We have invested in upgrades to all manufacturing facilities for safety, developed and implemented ongoing training programs for employees, and substantially increased our presence in the renewable power generation, heavy industry, electric utilities, and data center markets, to name a few.

The drive and commitment to excellence of everyone in our company is unmatched anywhere else – which explains why our business has grown faster in the past than any other power transformer manufacturer in North America. We make countless innovations and improvements in every aspect of our operations, and we will continue to do so. Our commitment to excellence is our culture.

U.S. power demand continues to grow, and we will grow with it. Together, we are the best in the industry, and we take great pride in the work we do each day to ensure the U.S. electrical grid is reliable and resilient, in addition to our work to help enable U.S. manufacturing.

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