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Virginia Transformer is a major contributor in supplying transformers and power distribution to one of the most significant sectors of industry in the world today, Oil & Gas.

From drive specialty units to offshore platforms VTC-GT has the ingenuity, expertise and experience to provide solutions for the diverse and demanding conditions in all areas of this industry. We provide transformers for applications from 300 kVA to 100 MVA, 230kV class. We’ve been a part of LNG plants, as well as pumping and compression substations. VTC-GT has been moving forward to become a leading supplier of power transformers, worldwide.

Innovations continue at VTC-GT that expand our capabilities beyond other suppliers in all areas of the manufacturing process.

The standard of quality begins with engineering at VTC-GT. We are an engineering company manufacturing transformers. Through improvements in the automation processes, lead times are revolutionized. Our abilities to retrofit and meet size constraints are unmatched. VTC-GT have evolved design and manufacturing processes for nearly 40 years, and today has more to offer the oil & gas industries than ever before. Virginia Transformer has been part of many specialized projects for the oil & gas industry, from refineries to pipelines. We’ve supplied multiple units for many of these projects. Whatever the requirements, Virginia Transformer has a broad product range to offer you the very best custom built transformer.

When you need a power transformer, remember Virginia Transformer. From our past, we have obtained the necessary experience to build for the future.

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