Transforming Energy for America




Virginia-Georgia Transformer Corp. has been supplying power and distribution transformers to the utility market for over a quarter of a century. Our clients include prominent municipalities, investor-owned utilities, and rural electric cooperatives throughout North and Central America. We supply units rated up to 1500 MVA, 525 kV class, for a broad variety of applications – GSU’s, auto-transformers, substation service, distribution, unit auxiliary transformers and grounding transformers.

We have long-established relationships with many of the major engineering consulting firms throughout the U.S. that design and procure substation equipment for utilities, and are recognized as one of the largest suppliers of power transformers in the U.S. We are known for our highly experienced engineers, leadership in technology and are respected as a custom designer and manufacturer of power transformers. This fact is of critical importance to our clients, who are charged with the responsibility to provide safe, reliable, and dependable uninterrupted power to hundreds of thousands of customers.

Our engineering library contains over 20,000 custom designs and test archives, providing us the foundation to ensure that each transformer is built to the precise standards and specifications of each of our customers.

We are on the RUS-approved list for manufacturers of three-phase transformers up to 138 kV. This means that any of our clients who take advantage of federal loans to help them purchase equipment can source all their needs from us.

We provide custom transformers with load tap changers, re-connectable voltages, tertiary windings, conservator tanks, nitrogen systems, three-phase regulators, zig-zag grounding configurations, alternative fluids and more. In addition to traditional electrical systems, we are also heavily involved in supplying numerous unit substations for wind and solar power installations throughout North America.

Virginia-Georgia Transformer Corp. – All the Power You Need, All the Time.