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This is our Value Proposition.

“Provide the most reliable transformer shipped & installed in a timely & flawless manner to the site and monitored and serviced to last for more than 60 years.”

GTC Engineering

Outstanding engineering requires highly qualified engineers who are experienced, qualified and hard-working.
An example of our bench strength:  We have a combined experience of over 150 years in 500 kV design class and close to 300 years in 230 kV and below class.

Get to know our experienced Engineers by viewing their short videos with these links:

Robert Miller

Rakesh Rathi

Amitabh Sarkar

AmitKumar Singh

Subhas Sarkar

John K John

Giovanni Hernandez

Highly qualified engineers require outstanding tools – We have the most sophisticated and proven software tools and simulators for electrical design. We use CORET for our main electrical design and then we further fine tune the design using various handcrafted and off-the-shelf state of the art digital simulators.

A glimpse of CORET3 and Seitlinger digital simulators – both tools are handcrafted over 30 years.

Highly qualified engineers require outstanding tools – We ALSO use state of the art mechanical tools with full automation capability to save us time and eliminate design errors.

Process New

With high qualified engineers and outstanding tools, it is a perfect compliment to have an engineering process that ensures perfect coordination between various groups – Electrical, mechanical, controls and at the end, manufacturing.

VTC – GTC engineers utilize a five-step process to ensure optimum design:
Step 1: Is a conceptual design signed off by the supervisor.

Step 2: Is there a handshake agreement between three groups; electrical, mechanical, controls while sales is also part of this step.

Step 3: Detailed designs are then developed by each group.

Step 4: Is this design buildable / manufactural?  What is the impact on manufacturing?
The entire engineering team then sits down with the manufacturing technicians to come to a
consensus on the design.

Step 5: Manufacturing
Before releasing it to the floor, the combined team (step 5) will discuss with the shop floor supervisors who with their years of experience have an exclusive insight into the building of the transformer. One all parties agree on a design, this is the point where the design is official.

Every unit is custom designed based on customer specifications and requirements using design programs that have been designed in-house.

After initial design, safety factors are added to account for manufacturing tolerances and more importantly to minimize the risk of failures.

These added safety factors are based on over 40 years of experience. Over compensating will result in insufficient, expensive designs and going the other way will increase the risk of failures.

Designs are checked using sophisticated analytical simulations to identify tress concentrations.

Designs are fine tuned to distribute these stresses to further minimize the risks.

In addition, over 15,000 archived designs are leveraged to benchmark new designs.

Finally, we believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise to educate and guide our customers in the right direction.

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