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E2X Pad Mount Transformers:

Powering the Changing Landscape

As construction continues to explode, the expectations of how quickly sites come online has shifted from 18-24 months to 12-18 months. To meet the build demand, contractors are looking for new ways to:

  • Increase energy efficiency and reliability
  • Address operational life and installed footprint of power solutions
  • Expedite the construction process while avoiding supply chain disruption

In the design phase, when power distribution is decided, finding the right power solution can be challenging. At Virginia Transformer, our newest transformer, E2X pad mount transformers, are specifically designed for:

  • Suitability to handle harmonics
  • Minimal downtime over a 20-year life
  • Sustainability with biodegradable oil (VT300-Natural Ester Oil)
  • Indoor and Outdoor applications.

The E2X name refers to the wide variety of markets it is suitable for – Energy to “X”. Other offerings for pad mount transformers, such as those for Data Centers, are called “E2D”.

While Having the Shortest Lead Times In The Industry

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