The #1 US-owned power transformer manufacturer in North America Core type transformers up to 500 MVA, 525kV Shortest lead time in the industry Shell type power transformers up to 1400MVA 500kV The most reliable transformers made right here in the USA

Shipping & Installation

VTC-GT uses a 3-prong approach for flawless shipping.

Getting transformers ready to be shipped to the given destination. Our shipping expert visualizes the journey of this unit through various highways and bridges. The shipping preparation and packing is well organized, robust and well secured.

The unit is monitored through GPS by the shipping team through its entire journey.

Our shipping team greets the transformer upon arrival, making sure all the parts are accounted for and instructions are in place. Flawless installation requires an experienced team that knows the unit in & out. VTC-GTC has its own service and installation crew with oil rigs and other test equipment. This attention to every detail during the shipping and installation process is an example of how we put our value proposition to work.

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