Transforming Energy for America

Shipping & Installation

Accurate, on-time, and damage-free delivery of your transformer is our goal. Whether a unit is manufactured in Roanoke, VA, Rincon, GA, Pocatello, ID, or Chihuahua, MX, our expertly trained shipping teams use a three-prong approach for flawless transportation. Our shipping experts have extensive knowledge and experience on the various roads, bridges, and highways to transport the unit quickly and undamaged to the customer.

Our shipping preparation and packing process is well-organized, robust and secured.

From the moment your transformer is loaded at one of our plants until it arrives to your location, VTC’s team uses GPS for point-to-point monitoring to secure consistent on-time delivery.

Upon arrival, a member of our shipping team is onsite to ensure the instructions and all required parts are accounted for. We have a team of installation and field service experts with oil rigs and other test equipment. The attention to detail is at the root of our value proposition—to provide, ship and install the most reliable transformers in a timely and flawless manner.