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Turbocharging Bitcoin Mining Farm Powerup

The United States has experienced explosive growth in the past year in the number of bitcoin farms and hashrate. It has become the world’s second biggest mining destination with 17% of the world’s bitcoin mining farms located here(1). Power consumption by bitcoin farms in the US jumped from 2.6 TWh in August of 2020 to 19.4 TWh in April 2021(2), a staggering 645% growth in just eight (8) months reflecting the number of bitcoin farms coming online in the US. Time equals revenue and profitability. Speedy power up allows the farm to get online and commence operations. There are several factors which can influence the speed with which a bitcoin farm can get power installed to be able to go online.


Bitcoin farm configurations, applications range from agile setup using modular containers to large mega-farms and locations with readily available sources of power.

The right Transformer will get the mine up and running in 1 week . Utility pad-mounts meant for residential load variation are over-designed, requiring significant expenditure. VTC’s small E2B transformer – specifically designed for Bitcoin mining – can save millions of dollars.

E2B installations do not need trenches for cable and can be located in close proximity to the mine – which will save hundreds of thousands in installation costs. E2B-FM version can be installed inside the building.

On the other end of the spectrum of applications, a mine operator using mobile containers may opt to use oil-less E2B-AA in the container with no trenching required for cables.

Procuring used transformers, which may have been rejected by the previous owner is risky. Reliability and life is typically half of a new transformer. To mitigate risk, the mine operators will need to keep spares and be prepared to incur downtime and replacement costs

Configured for mining

The bitcoin mining rig architecture is evolving rapidly thus requiring adaptable transformer designs including:

1)Headers to mate with a power duct of a container

2)Preassembled with switchgear on a skid to connect power up in a day – a plug and play set up all through a single vendor with no site preparation required.

3)E2X-AA will work inside a mobile container and will be able to connect the substation power directly to the mine.

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