Transforming Energy for America


Virginia Transformer Corp. has been the industry leader in providing power transformers to the Investor Owned Utility sector for more than 20 years and with the addition of Georgia Transformer we can offer a complete portfolio to the market from small power up to large auto-transformers and generator step-up transformers. From our Virginia, Georgia, Idaho, and Mexico manufacturing locations we have a strategic advantage to manufacture and supply transformers and provide service across our great nation. We are supported by our manufacturer’s representatives in every state that are focused and dedicated strictly to investor owned utilities to serve you. The manufacturer’s representatives work hand-in-hand with our dedicated IOU sales organization that we have geographically broken into 3 separate regions across the country to better serve our customers.

At Virginia-Georgia Transformer, we understand the need for long-term agreements and standardization of designs for blanket orders. A dedicated team is focused on managing and maintaining our valued long-term relationships. Our contracts managers work with the end users to generate a set of master terms and conditions that are effective for both parties. We have a team of engineers that are well versed in providing very detailed design reviews for each of our projects and they work with the manufacturing team to ensure that the final product is in strict accordance with the original design.

We are one of the few companies that completely designs, manufactures, tests, and supports field installation from each of our factories. With a dedicated engineering staff, they are able to design, check, and follow each project from inception to completion and ensures the conceptual design is the same as the final product. Additionally, each of the factories are ISO 9001-2015 certified. This along with a rigorous inspection team verifying and validating that the processes are being adhered to help provide a quality product that will provide many years of trouble-free service.

During the process, each project is assigned a project manager that will work with the end user to provide day-to-day progress reports as needed. This person will be the prime contact point from the beginning of the order starting with our “kick-off meeting” continuing up to the time of shipment. This one point of contact will provide regular and consistent communication with each of our customers so that we can keep them up to date with progress.

Each of our factories have new core cutting machines that can provide a product that has a burr limit of less than 20 Microns and a manufacturing step lap core, utilizing the highest grades of grain-oriented core steel. This enables us to provide extremely low core losses and reduce the noise of the transformer. We also utilize vapor phase drying in both the core and coil in our factories to ensure that the final product is fully dried prior to final sizing. All factories are equipped with the necessary equipment to fully test every transformer per IEEE-C57.12.90-2010 with annual certifications on all equipment and certified test reports for all equipment provided.