Transforming Energy for America

Virginia Transformer – Troutville, VA

Virginia Transformer’s Troutville location opened in December 2013. Located approximately 11 miles from our Roanoke plant, it was originally developed as the new site for tank fabrication, sandblasting, and paint process. It has expanded over the years and now plays a key role in our supply chain and Integrated Power Module (IPM) production operations.

The Troutville plant is outfitted with advanced equipment to create flawless transformers, such as a welding robot in the tank fabrication area that delivers leak-free welds, a downdraft sandblasting booth for safety, and an SP-10 finish per SSPC standards for premium paint adhesion. The paint system uses an epoxy primer on an activated surface along with a topcoat of polyurethane baked to a hard finish to prevent rusting. The plasma table has been fitted with an etching gun to mark the location of all accessories, which prevents the technicians from misplacing parts. Cross ventilation keeps the air free of weld fumes for the safety of personnel. The tank walls of each transformer are aligned with a laser to ensure uniform clearance of the coils. Lastly, dye penetrant and magnetic particle inspection are used for quality assurance.

All tank fabrication facilities throughout Virginia Transformer were equipped with these improvements in 2013. The combined capacity of all plants is more than 1,500 tanks per year.

Over the years, our Troutville location became a key part of our overall supply chain efforts. In 2022 we announced the facility would begin to make end products for our customers, including our IPMs for the EV charging market.

As part of Virginia Transformer’s commitment to excellence, we improved the workflow of the facility and expanded its operations to ensure we continue to have the shortest lead times in the industry.

Included in the expansion is a brand-new loading station that will feature multiple docks and improved infrastructure to facilitate traffic flow. Flush loading docks were designed to keep trucks outside, creating a safer and cleaner environment inside. The docking area will have additional space for trucks to navigate, which will alleviate traffic congestion and bring greater safety and efficiency to our Troutville facility.