Virginia Transformer Named to Supply One of the Largest Geothermal Power Plants in U.S.


Virginia Transformer has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract with one of the most prominent companies in the geothermal energy industry. The order is for a single large power transformer rated 204/340 MVA 362-69 kV, which will help power operations at the largest geothermal energy plants in the United States.

Geothermal power is an increasingly popular renewable energy source, as geothermal plants use heat from within the earth to convert water into steam to generate electricity. These facilities produce less than five percent of the greenhouse gas emissions released by conventional coal-fired plants.

The order underscores Virginia Transformer’s commitment to excellence and emphasizes their position as the leader in powering the renewable energy industry.

Virginia Transformer Corporation is the largest U.S.-owned power transformer manufacturer in North America, providing custom-engineered power transformers for data center, utilities, renewables, and specialty markets. Products range in power from 500 kVA to 500 MVA core type, up to 1,400 MVA shell type.