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Quality Inspector – Pocatello, ID



Quality Inspector

Summary:  This position is responsible for the verification of in-process quality and engineering standards conformance through the inspection and testing of incoming material, in-process products and procedures.  Position works in coordination with Testing to ensure that all aspects of the process are tested, verified and documented as instructed by the written procedures.


  1. Perform daily, weekly and monthly checks of specific process steps and other items or procedures.
  2. Inspect selected incoming commodity materials each month.
  3. Collect winding data, engineering and shop defect data and report monthly.
  4. Chart and plot data as directed to perform trend analysis.
  5. Verify compliance of transformer against engineering design information prior to approving for shipment.
  6. Audit shop processes as directed.
  7. Assist test floor as needed to support customer requirements and schedules.
  8. Assist Design and Development Departments in collecting data from the shop.
  9. Perform testing as required to confirm unit meets customer requirements.
  10. Verify wiring is in compliance with wiring diagrams and that all equipment works as required.
  11. Perform low voltage tests as required to verify satisfactory completion of work or correction.
  12. Take oil samples from main storage tanks and transformers and carry out dielectric and moisture tests.  Send samples out for special tests.
  13. Use specific test equipment to verify unit parameters are correct.

  Preferred Experience 

  1. Two-year technical degree or equivalent education.
  2. 1-2 years experience in similar manufacturing environment.
  3. Proficient math, analytical, trouble-shooting and communication skills
  4. Proficient interpersonal skills to interface with others as required to adequately describe and explain findings that occur as part of the job. 
  5. Knowledge of statistical quality control methods.
  6. Transformer manufacturing experience.

Interested candidates may apply by following the link

Note: Virginia Transformer Corp retains the right to change or modify the duties and requirements of this position at any time at the discretion of the company.

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