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VTC’s archive of over 15,000 custom designs offers customers options and flexibility to determine the best build for their transformer needs, including transformer control boxes. Control boxes on VTC transformers are designed to simplify maintenance and reduce field service time. Our control boxes are designed by our expert team of engineers. We can custom make control boxes to meet your specific needs, including a range of sizes, NEMA ratings, specialized components, paint, and more.

NEMA 3, 3R, 3S, 4, 4X, 7 and 8, carbon steel or stainless steel, bottom gland plate.

Standard or optional items in the control box
A variety of terminal blocks and wire sizes
Shorting blocks for CTs
CBA (Current Balancing Auto-transformer) for SWTG
IED – Qualitrol 509/505

Intelligent Electronic Device
VCM3 (Virginia Transformer Control Module)
LTC controllers
Fan control
Bottom gland plate construction
Seal in relays – SPR (sudden pressure rise relay)
GFI receptacles and lights
Anti-condense heaters with thermostat
Ground connection
CT and PT test switches

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