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Grand Celebration [September 2021]

Roanoke, VA (September 2, 2021)

GRAND CELEBRATION [September 2021]

50 years. Five decades. Half a century. No matter how you spin it, fifty years is a long time, and this is the length of time Virginia Transformer Corporation (VTC) has been on its journey to become the #1 US-based power transformer company in the country. Lead by our CEO/CTO Mr. Prabhat Jain (pictured left), what started out as a pursuit with a small, dedicated team to build the perfect transformer, VTC has grown at double-digit rates over the past several decades and now has the widest product range of power transformers, four strategically-located manufacturing plants, one fabrication facility, and over 1,500 employees, including 200 engineers.

Upon entering the Hotel Roanoke, guests comprised of government officials, local council members, Board of Directors, VTC leadership, customers, vendors, and employees could browse through an assortment of poster boards showing the company’s history and evolution of growth. Following a formal dinner, the Master of Ceremonies (and one of the original founders of VTC) Mr. John Rocovich, introduced special guests including VTC Corporate Secretary – Mr. Doug Densmore (who read a letter from Senator Mark Warner), Mr. Ben Kline (congressman), Mr. Joe Cobb (city council member), Ms. Patricia White Boyd (Vice-Mayor), Ms. Vivian Sanchez Jones (city council member), and Ms. Joyce Waugh (CEO, Roanoke Chamber of Commerce), who each congratulated VTC on its success.

When Mr. Jain approached the podium to share his thoughts and gratitude, he noted how “it has been a great honor to get the acknowledgment from the elected officials and the government saying what we do for the country is important.”  With over 200 engineers as the foundation of our company, we have been able to provide our country with solutions for special power requirements with our custom-designed transformers. Of course, none of this would not have been possible without the trust of our 6,000+ customers, our vendors (“the life-blood of our supply chain”), our employees, and our team of more than 100 sales reps located through North America. Mr. Jain then took his guests on a journey of how VTC has evolved into what it is today and spoke about the importance of education and changing demographics leaving guests pondering the question “who will be the next leader (of the free world)?”

Leading up to the grand event, separate celebrations were held at each of the company’s plants including Chihuahua in May, Rincon (Georgia Transformer) in August, and Pocatello in July. Mr. Jain kicked off each ceremony with a speech capturing the significance and the journey to this milestone for the company, its stakeholders, and our nation. Afterward, speeches were given by invited dignitaries to guests consisting of local media salaried and shop employees and included lunch and a cake-cutting ceremony. Scattered throughout the premises were nine displays describing the company’s journey for guests and members from the press to learn more about the company’s history.


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