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Final Assemblers – Pocatello, ID




Final Assemblers

Summary:  This position is responsible for the complete assembly of power transformers, per print specifications and instructions from the supervisor.

Accountability:  Reports to Assembly Supervisor.

Job Location: Pocatello, Idaho

Essential functions include, but are not limited to:

(All procedures per print specifications and VTC quality standards)

  1. All Core Stacking (predip/prebake) operations:

            Obtain required material as needed

            prep material as needed

            review all mechanical/electrical prints

            check parts to prints

            stack core steel, in proper alignment, to specs

            bracket/band all core elements

            standup & positioning of core

            assemble core/coil winding configuration to specs

            complete all pre-dip/pre-bake assembly per specs

               load brackets, varnish dip, drain, load oven

        Final Assembly (Dry Type)

            retrieve assembly from oven.

            clean core frame of excess varnish/prep for tanking

            clean/tighten all connections.

            obtain painted enclosure or tank

            secure core to base assembly/make internal connections

            complete final wiring/assembly to specs

            complete unit-to-enclosure assembly, check and test

            sand paint to final paint/ weld top/prep for paint

            complete final assembly and prep for shipping

            coach new employees as assigned

  1. Satisfy all work performance requirements as determined by supervisor, as well as all attendance guidelines as established by the April 1991 Employee Handbook.
  1. Maintain neat and organized work area.
  1. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Worker Specifications:


  1. Minimum one (1) year experience in heavy manufacturing or construction environment.
  1. Able to lift 50 lbs.
  1. Able to measure 1/32” tolerance.
  1. Good attendance record, self-initiative.
  1. Proven mechanical aptitude and interest.


  1. Prior transformer mfg. Experience.
  1. Able to read prints.
  1. Prior welding experience.
  1. Forklift experience.

Wages vary from $15.00-$16.00 per hour DOE


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