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Roanoke’s Virginia Transformer Corp. (VTC) Enters Electric Vehicle Charging Market
Company Launches New E2V Integrated Power Solution

To Expand Its Troutville Facility; Create Two New Production Lines; Add 30 Jobs

Roanoke, Virginia – August 14, 2022 – Virginia Transformer Corp. (VTC), the Roanoke-based manufacturer of power transformers, today announced it has entered the electric vehicle charging market with the launch of its (E2V) Integrated Power Solution.

“Electric vehicle infrastructure is rapidly expanding as the United States strives to achieve net-zero emissions targets. By 2030 it is estimated 48 million electric vehicles will be in use in the U.S., supported by 30 million charging stations,” said Prabhat K Jain, CEO and CTO of Virginia Transformer.

“As the largest U.S.-owned power transformer manufacturer in North America, Virginia Transformer has a reputation for designing and building innovative solutions for flexible deployment. With 50 years of experience and the industry’s shortest lead time, the EV market is a natural fit for us, and we are actively engaged to help the country build the needed infrastructure,” he added.

Virginia Transformer’s E2V solution was designed and developed at its world headquarters here in Roanoke. A team of engineers, product development leaders, and quality control experts from Roanoke helped scope and implement the first protype. Plans call for the Company’s nearby facility in Troutville, VA to be central to production as production ramps up.

“Our team here in Roanoke saw the opportunity and how our technologies can meet the market’s needs, quickly developed a concept, and then moved to building our first protype which we’re showing to customers in the market to a very warm reception,” said Jain. “It’s exciting to see how the team seized an opportunity and are helping to address a real need in the country as the necessary infrastructure is built.”

More than a transformer, E2V is an integrated power solution that is a self-contained, plug-and-play power module. The uniqueness of E2V is the flexible configuration that enables users to build a scalable, integrated power module where they can be up and running faster than other options.

“EV infrastructure’s biggest challenges are procurement, logistics, coordination, and field integration. Virginia Transformer’s E2V solution addresses these issues by housing and connecting the main components (switchgear, transformer, breaker) into an integrated unit allowing us to quickly deliver a plug-and-play, easy-to-install, power solution supporting EV infrastructure’s rapid deployment across the U.S.,” said Jain.

“We are excited by both the opportunity this presents our employees and the community, but also helping to contribute to the reduction in transportation emissions for the good of our planet,” he added.

As a result, Virginia Transformer will transform its nearby Troutville, VA facility from being a component producer for other facilities, to a complete manufacturing facility delivering end products to Virginia Transformer customers.

To do this, the Company is in the process of building two complete production lines in Troutville that will make IPM and E2X offerings for its megamarkets businesses, including Electric Vehicle Charging, Data Centers, Battery Storage, and Bitcoin/Digital Currency. The Company anticipates beginning initial production on these lines this Fall and adding approximately 30 jobs across all functions to support the business in Troutville.

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