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Mass Transit

Every day, millions of people rely on mass transit as a means of transportation. Keeping trains running smoothly is a top priority, many take the trains running non-stop, day in and day out is a service most take for granted. We don’t take this for granted, since 1977 Virginia Transformer has been a major contributor to the transit industry with our broad product range for metro and long distance trains.

It can be a very involved process to meet the many requirements involved with transit – no one is more capable than we are. These extra heavy duty traction applications require the transformer to withstand 450% overload each time the trains leave the station. The frequent varying overloads, coupled with ambient temperature variations, present a very demanding situation for transit duty transformers. Through our advanced design and engineering, no one has as much to offer in optimal solutions as Virginia Transformer and Georgia Transformer Corporation. Dry type or liquid filled, we will build the best transformer for any application at any size.

Our experience in specialized areas is just one reason to choose us. We work with the leading consultants in the transit market while the project is still on the drawing board by offering our expertise in drafting specs to shift the transformers values to even out floor space planning. Come see what we can do for your transit needs.