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Marine Offshore

Virginia Transformer and Georgia Transformer Corporation has been providing transformers for marine and offshore oil exploration projects for many years. When your business takes you to offshore or deep sea water, you can count on us to meet all your electrical power needs. We have a dedicated team specialized in marine application projects. We provide transformers to power ship propulsion systems which includes motors for tunnel thrusters, paddle wheels, and dredgers. Our multi-secondary rectifier duty transformers are used by OEMs and system integrators to power large drives which in turn power these large motors. We also provide large generator transformers, medium voltage distribution transformers and DC link reactors in this specialized market as well as liquid filled transformers for large offshore platform applications.

A majority of the end users in this market require transformer manufacturers to have their ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) certification current. We are pleased to confirm we meet or exceed ABS specs on Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU) as well as facilities on fixed and floating offshore petroleum installations in Class 1, Div 1 & 2 locations. We build transformers that comply with leading international specs, namely ANSI/IEEE/CSA or IEC. In the Oil & Gas industry, the popular transformer specification recommended by Process Industry Practices (PIP ELSTR01) is very common. We have supplied numerous transformers meeting this specification.

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