Transforming Energy for America


As an industrial customer, your focus is on your business – primary manufacturing (steel, paper, telecommunications, gaming, etc.) – to be successful, you need a reliable and dependable power supply. With our custom engineered design approach and dedication to the most durable engineering designs (circular windings, optimum loss designs, etc.), Virginia Transformer and Georgia Transformer Corporation provides all the services and products you require. Be it a dry type or liquid filled transformer of any size, we have the product scope to address your needs. We will contract directly with you, work with substation packaging integrators, or sell to your contractor, whichever supports your needs best.

The industrial market has a growing need for custom equipment, and Virginia Transformer and Georgia Transformer Corporation has met this need in thousands of unique applications through our ever-expanding product range and unmatched technical engineering expertise. All our manufacturing facilities are ISO 2008 quality certified, and both our design and manufacturing processes are continually being improved. Our broad product range (300 kVA to 1400 MVA) has enabled us to acquire valuable experience in virtually every industrial application of power. Our design capabilities and quality products are the reason that many industrial companies have continually relied on our transformers.

Industrial operations often require a variety of power transformers – TENV (totally enclosed non-ventilated) units for contaminated areas, Scott T connected windings to convert from three phase to two phase power supply, drive isolation transformers, and many others. Again, it is our broad product range – and our resulting broad range of experience that makes us the perfect supplier to fill all your power transformer needs.

Virginia Transformer and Georgia Transformer Corporation – All the Power You Need