Transforming Energy for America


Virginia Transformer and Georgia Transformer Corporation’s long history of providing custom-designed power transformers to the mining industry makes it perfectly suited to serve the cement industry. Having begun our corporate history as an engineering firm designing the specialty harsh-environment, low-profile transformers necessary for the mining industry, we have more expertise in such custom designs than any other transformer manufacturer in the U.S.

We now manufacture, at our four North American facilities, a broad range (300 kva to 1400 MVA) of power transformers for all types of industrial applications (drive duty, rectifier, power distribution, autotransformers). Our expertise, honed through over 50 years of manufacturing and over 20,000 transformer designs, is in understanding the needs of customers who require reliable power transmission and distribution in very harsh environments. Where potential overloads must constantly be factored in, along with other application-specific problems such as voltage harmonic distortion.

Whether liquid-filled or dry type transformers, we are your one-stop-shop for all your industrial power transformer needs. Many industrial operations praise our proprietary design UNICLAD dry type transformers, which represent a major technical advance over traditional cast coil units. But whatever your power transformer needs are, we can quickly build units to your exact specifications. Custom design, superior quality, and short lead times are hallmarks of Virginia Transformer and Georgia Transformer Corporation.