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Welder Level IV – Roanoke, VA

Virginia Transformer Corp.


Welder Level IV

Summary:  This position is responsible for the Welding/Assembly of all enclosures, tanks, and other structural components for all Power Transformers, Switch Gear, Reactors, and other related Equipment.  All fabrications is done per the mechanical blueprint specifications and built to established internal shop standards and/or per the Metal Fabrication supervisor’s instructions.

Essential functions include but are not limited to:

  1. Ability to follow verbal and written instructions and assume personal responsibility for quality of workmanship, and safety.
  2. Ability to review, read and understand blueprints, read tape measure, calculations, and basic shop related mathematical skills.
  3. Obtain precut parts from storage area as needed.
  4. Welding of component assembly’s per specifications and ensure quality and accuracy of work.
  5. Perform routine maintenance and adjustment of welding equipment as needed.
  6. Sign or initial own work and record production as required by area supervisor.
  7. Maintain a neat and organized work area, complete daily housekeeping assignment as required by the area supervisor.
  8. Machine Operation production pf pre-welding parts as needed.
  9. Clean all welded parts grind and de-bur parts prior to release.
  10. Meet work performance requirements and daily goals as determined by area supervisor.
  11. Conformance to all rules and regulations as required by the employee handbook and union contract.
  12. Other duties as required by the area supervisor.


Essential Tools and Equipment:

Welding Equipment                                                            Stud Welder

All Machine and Equipment (Pre-Weld)             Hand Tools

Plasma Cutter                                                           Forklift

Grinding, Beveling, and De-burring Tools          Cutting Torch

Overhead Crane                                                       Power Tools


  1. Minimum of one (1) year welding experience Steel Mig, Stick, Flux Core, or Oxy/Acetylene Torch
  2. Blueprint experience
  3. Ability to lift 60 lbs. repetitively.


  1. Welding Certification.
  2. Established proficiency in Steel Mig, Stick, Flux Core, and Oxy/Acetylene Torch.
  3. Establish aptitude in spatial reasoning.
  4. Aluminum Welding Experience.


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