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Virginia-Georgia Transformer Invites You to attend a Webinar on Transformer Gassing

Virginia-Georgia Transformer invites you to attend a Webinar on Transformer Gassing

Virginia-Georgia Transformer Corporation was founded in 1971 and we think an important part of our company’s development is to share what we have learned on how to properly design, engineer, and manufacture a transformer. We are in a constant pursuit to make the perfect transformer and are inviting all our customers to engage with us for an hour.

Why Transformers Gas and How to Interpret the Results

In this webinar, we will discuss how the design and construction of power transformers corollate with the gasses generated during operation and, most importantly, during faults. Understanding the causes for each specific gas, how to analyze the gas results, and decisions that should be made per the levels of the gasses will also be discussed. Related IEEE standards associated with these topics will be reviewed. Two sessions will be offered and presented by Hakan Sahin.


These Webinars DO qualify for Continuing Education Credits.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to your local sales representative or VT-GT directly at:

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About the presenter:

Hakan Sahin has been in the transformer industry for over 25 years with extensive experiences in testing, quality, design, operations, sales and marketing, and executive management for small, medium, large, distribution and special transformers, respectively. He graduated from Middle East Technical University, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, with additional accredited degrees on Project Management, Lean Management Systems, 6-Sigma Black Belt. He has been the Chairman for the IEEE TF for C57.12.90, Test Code for Power and Distribution Transformers over 5 years. He started as Chairman for the IEEE WG for C57.125, Failure Investigation, Analysis and Reporting in 2021, and will be the Chairman for the IEEE TF for C57.138 Recommended Practice for Routine Impulse Tests for Distribution Transformers starting in 2022. He is currently the Corporate Director of Business Excellence for Virginia and Georgia Transformers.


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