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Test Engineer – Rincon, GA

Georgia/Virginia Transformer Corp.

Test Engineer

Summary:  The Test Engineer tests transformers, control components and circuits to comply with GTC/VTC and industry standards and customers’ requirements; he/she inspects products before and after assembly for conformance with GTC/VTC’s internal design requirements and customers’ specifications.

Job Location :- Rincon, GA

Salary Range: $75K – 90K

Essential functions include, but are not limited to:

  1. Perform routine tests. (ratio, phase rotation, resistance, impedance and loss measurements, Power factor, Megger, etc.)
  2. Perform high voltage tests on transformers (Impulse, Partial discharge, Hypot, Double induction, etc.)
  3. Troubleshoot for problems in case of failure.
  4. Take oil samples from main tank and transformers and carry out di-electric test.  Send samples out for special tests.
  5. Perform pre-assembly ratio tests & troubleshoot whenever required.
  6. Inspect product in-process and after assembly to determine quality.  Inspection shall include Engineering drawings, outlines and designs, mechanical dimensions, electrical wiring, and overall appearance of product.  Write NCR’s for non-conformance items.  Follow-up NCR’s through rectification or obtain approval before final stamp for shipping.  Maintain records of non-conformance.  Correct those items which can be handled by test technicians.
  7. Accept responsibility for quality control stamps and affix stamps on product after inspection.  Sign off the check sheets once the unit is tested.
  8. Become familiar with VTC’s and industry standards for testing VTC product.
  9. Learn to operate and maintain all VTC test equipment.  Maintain clean test area at all times.
  10. Observe all safety procedures while testing and require the same from others present in the test area such as customer inspections.
  11. Move product as required.
  12. Preparation of test folders/reports and submission for approval.
  13. Assure that measured data is appropriate by verifying the appropriateness of test procedures.
  14. Correct measured data for temperature and other environmental/set-up variables.
  15. Maintain neat and orderly work areas.
  16. Satisfy all performance requirements as determined by supervisor, as well as attendance guidelines as prescribed by the Employee Handbook. 
  17. Other duties as directed by supervisor.

Accountability:  Reports to Test Manager or designate.

Work Specifications:


Minimum 4-6 years of relevant experience in Transformer Industries with Bachelor’s degree.

Note: Georgia/Virginia Transformer Corp. retains the right to change or modify the duties and requirements of this position at any time at the discretion of the Company.

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