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Q: LTC starts vibrating at 6L position only – it is fine at all other positions. Should I be concerned?

Q: We had a storm last night and the secondary arresters blew. Do you think my transformer is also damaged?

Q: Our Gas-in Oil test report (Duval triangle) indicates zone T2 – do you think I have thermal fault inside. What should I do

Q: My Oil analysis Duvall point is at the tip – is this partial discharge due to some loose connections?

Q: I want to parallel two transformers for motor starting – their impedances are slightly different. Will this be a problem?

Q: We want to overload our Signal-bay transformer by 10% beyond top rating for two weeks. I hear there will be some loss of life. Can you help me in finding out how many years of loss it will be?

Q: We have cooling fans installed under the radiators. This is posing a problem during snow. Can we change the position of fans?

Q: We are thinking of installing a new Y-Y transformer at Bingham. For this 60 MVA unit are we better off with another Station Aux.? Will serving the station load through open tertiary reduce the reliability of our main unit?

Q: Oil Volume Calculation vs. Temperature

A: Compensation of Volume with Temperature

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