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Quality Technician – ROANOKE, VA

Quality Technician

Location: Roanoke, Virginia

1. Perform process quality control audit checks. This includes internal error tracking and corrective action follow-up.
2. Testing of special electronic components as per instruction manual.
3. Develop special tools and equipment necessary for testing special components as required.
4. Develop procedures for testing of new electronic components.
5. Trouble shooting of problems faced in junction boxes and special components.
6. Ensure customer configuration requirements are met per sales order.
7. Ensure proper transformer & parts welding and paint quality checks and corrective actions.
8. Support special components and systems testing.
9. Ensuring proper use of gages and instruments where required.
10. Coordinate inspection activities and monitor technician performance with respect to quality improvement in finishing areas.
11. Review data and provide quality process performance metric reports to management.
12. Provide technical direction and support to supervisors, technicians and inspectors.
13. Provide technical support to the field service function.
14. Work with respondents to ensure NCMR’s, corrective, and preventive actions written are effectively closed within time requirements.
15. Carry out process audits.
16. Other Duties assigned.


1. Minimum two years Associates degree in related field. 
2. Minimum 6 years’ experience in Transformer industry mainly in the areas of in-processing testing, high voltage assembly, winding assembly. 
3. Able to lift 20 lbs. repetitively. 
4. Working weekends and 5% travel may be required as job demands.
5. Ability and required skill to diagnose and solve problems.
6. Thorough knowledge of manufacturing techniques and processes or related work experience.

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