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Quality Assurance Manager- POCATELLO, ID

Virginia Transformer Corp

Quality Assurance Manager


Summary:  Responsible for assuring the quality level of Virginia Transformer Corp. products and services through continuous improvements to achieve 6-sigma level performance. Provides direction and leadership for the Quality function ensuring reliability and performance so that customer expectations are exceeded. Ensure supplier quality issues are effectively addressed and customer quality objectives are met.

Job Location :– Pocatello, ID

General Activities:

  1. Staffing, training and overseeing the QA, ISO, test and inspection functions to cover all areas of the operation.
  2. Establishing a QA plan and planning for test requirements for new and complex jobs – capture these on the order expectation system.
  3. Planning, installing and maintaining all necessary equipment for the Quality function.
  4. Analyzing and recording all internal and external defects and failures.
  5. Providing technical support to the field service function.
  6. Maintaining expertise in all applicable standards, internal and external, manufacturing and performance.
  7. Developing the necessary process standards and assuring they are systematic.
  8. Recommend and provide technical training for shop personnel to build quality in the process, including hands-on training to assure the quality of the process; audit the proficiency of the personnel periodically.
  9. Oversee, maintain ISO program at highest levels to insure we are applying the knowledge every time to achieve the 6-sigma goal.
  10. Help establish; meet and/or exceed budgetary goals – expenses and capital for your area of responsibility.
  11. Improve the efficiency of testing and inspection thru automation and review of data to minimize the testing and inspection requirements.
  12. Actively manage the vendor quality to level necessary to support our quality.
  13. Track quality improvements by measuring cost of quality.
  14. Audit the routines of the department for the intent of procedures to promote 6-sigma quality.

Essential Functions (include, but are not limited to):

  1. Manage the test/inspection needs daily and in a safe manner.
  2. Assure that product is through final inspection no less than .5 days prior to the scheduled ship time.
  3. Insure all witness testing and inspection: in-process, test and final, take place in a timely manner.
  4. Track key internal and external quality indicators of all departments and issue monthly reports to inform and to help direct the Company’s resources in reaching the quality goals.
  5. Maintain library of all internal and external standards and shop process standards.
  6. Plan and conduct necessary design, type of development testing on site and/or off site.
  7. Maintain active membership in appropriate quality organization.
  8. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Accountability:  Reports to President or designate.


Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or equivalent.

Minimum ten (10) years’ experience in design, field or testing of transformers.


Thorough knowledge of VTC shop and test procedures/processes.

Master’s Degree – Electrical Engineering or MBA.

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Note:  VTC management retains the discretion to add to or change the duties/specifications of this position at any time.

Virginia Transformer Corp is an Equal Opportunity Employer Women and Minorities are Encouraged to Apply

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