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Project Management

Project Management is a major component of Virginia Transformer and Georgia Transformer Corp’s  world class customer support.  We reach a consistent project culture in our project management where we utilize standards and share best practices across the business. The single point of contact and integrated management approach provides for the customer and is the “customer voice” within our company.  The trained and competent staff literally have their fingers on the pulse of every project/job that is built.  They know the status of each job at every stage of production from start to finish.  They are the point of contact once an order is entered until it is shipped.   Throughout the project execution the Project Management team is responsible for the scope of job execution in a given time frame, ensuring customer satisfaction, and manage the risk to an acceptable level for the customer and for our company.  All documents and information will be recorded in detail in the ‘Hand over from sales’ checklist.

To give you a perspective of these detailed oriented staff, the following list is a representative sample of their activities:

  • Hosting customer meetings
  • Contract negotiations
  • Effective focus on compliance with all contractual and local regulatory and environmental guidelines
  • Work with the customer’s project staff to achieve coordination of design, engineering, and installation
  • Contract administration
  • Coordination of customer visits
  • Monitoring key internal milestones of job progress, leveraging time efficiencies at every stage of the process
  • Process reporting
  • Approvals of drawings and test reports
  • Coordination of clearance for shipping

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