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Tap Changer Transformer

When you choose Virginia Transformer Corp (VTC) as your supplier for Automatic Load Tap Changing (LTC) transformers and regulators, you can be certain you’ll receive a product that is expertly designed, manufactured, installed and serviced. Our company engineers high-quality, efficient, long-life units with turnaround times unparalleled in the industry, thanks to our global manufacturing capabilities. T our top-quality products, exceptional customer service, and quick turnaround, VTC offers a total commitment to your individualized solutions. We’ve been designing and manufacturing automatic load tap changer transformers transformers since 1987.


  • Reconnectable windings
  • Regulating windings on either HV or LV
  • Non-standard impedance
  • Epoxy paint in your choice of color
  • Demountable radiators with isolation valves
  • Galvanized radiators
  • Terminal throats and chambers
  • Sloping roof
  • Multi-stage fan cooling for increased MVA
  • Other gauges and accessories
  • Shock indicator
  • Customer-specific controls and relays


Spec Sheet


When you choose VTC as your supplier for LTC transformers and regulators, you can count on our total commitment to individualized solutions. Our engineers will expertly design a unit to your precise requirements.

Range – 2 to 100 MVA, 15 kV to 230 kV voltage class

Loading – Designed to deliver rated current and MVA in all tap positions

Service – Outdoor

Basic Impulse Level (BIL) – Per ANSI standard

Impedance – ANSI standard

Coils – Aluminum or copper conductor, circular construction, continuous or helical disc, or barrel wound

Cooling Fluid – Type II mineral oil, R-Temp or Silicone oil available up to 15 MVA

Fluid Preservation System – Sealed tank or conservator

Cooling Radiators – Plate Type

Gauges and Accessories –

  • Liquid temperature indicator
  • Liquid level gauge
  • Vacuum pressure gauge
  • Drain valves
  • Filter press connections (top and bottom)
  • Automatic pressure relief device
  • Control wiring in flexible conduit
  • Other accessories available

Paint – ANSI 61 enamel on sandblasted surface, other colors available

Nameplate – Stainless steel, engraved

Other – Welded top cover, 19-in manhole covers, provisions on base for skidding, transformer lifting lugs, stainless steel ground pads


Meeting our commitment to the customer has been the prime objective at VTC for three decades. From our experienced sales organization to our highly trained production teams, you can count on every VTC employee to make their best effort on the customer’s behalf.

You can rely on highly skilled VTC field service technicians to provide all on-site erection and commissioning services, from installation to oil processing and oil filling to testing. We offer warranty and preventative maintenance services as well. All of our technicians are fully versed in transformer manufacturing and testing procedures and are equipped with a fully fitted rig for on-site installation and testing. We also maintain designated service shops across the US. VTC service is literally at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a call to our dedicated toll-free service hotline.

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