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Oil Filled Transformer

With a proven track record of more than a century, oil filled (liquid filled) transformers remain the most commonly used transformer system today for a variety of industrial, commercial and power utility applications. Since 1971, Virginia Transformer Corp (VTC) has built a reputation of it’s own: Today our customers know us as the choice for high-quality, custom-designed products, exceptional customer service and delivery times unparalleled in the industry. Our distinction as the right choice for custom transformers dates to our origin when we launched our business as a transformer manufacturer for the underground mining industry. From day one our customers expected our liquid filled transformers to meet demanding system specifications such as low-profile construction, special high voltage / low voltage requirements and tough environmental conditions. Our ability to meet and often exceed unique, custom requirements remains at the heart of our business today. Building our business around yours. We are continuing to mold our busines around our customers’ needs. From investments in global manufacturing capabilities to recruiting the best and brightest from around the world we have succeeded in creating a close-knit, capable, responsive team at VTC. Our customers know us as the right choice for delivering what they need, where they need, it, when they need it. You can count on VTC to manage your most complex projects, while still meeting your special requirements. It’s all part of our total commitment to individualized solutions. The design staff behind this promise boasts an average of more than 15 years of transformer design experience.


  • Subway & rapid transit
  • Utilities & power plants
    • Generator station
    • Primary substation
    • Unit auxiliar transformer
    • Generator step-up
  • Chemical plants
  • Mining operations
  • Paper & steel mills
  • Oil & gas
  • Office & shopping complexes
  • Water treatment plants
  • Research facilities


Routine in-house tests per ANSI C57.12.91 include:

  • Ratio
  • Polarity & Phase Relation
  • Resistance Measurement
  • Excitation Current & No-Load Loss
  • Impedance & Load Loss
  • Applied Potential
  • Induced Potential
  • Partial Discharge

Witness testing is offered and arranged according to your schedule


VTC’s commitment doesn’t stop once the manufacturing process ends. We are just as focused on meeting our customer’s needs during shipping, installation and follow-up services. VTC offers total commissioning and testing services, from unloading and installation, to maintenance contracts to keep your unit running as well as the first day it was energized.


Spec Sheet
Weights and Dimensions
BIL Standard
Standard Ratings
Audible Sound Standard
Installation & Operation Manual

The team approach at VTC extends to our relationship with our customers. You never have to work through a series of middlemen to get your questions answered and problems solved. Our customers always have direct access to our application and design engineers. What you need. VTC offers liquid-filled transformers from 300 KVA to 100 MVA up to 230 kV class. We can customize units for special losses, high impedance, high secondary currents, minimized footprint and other special requirements. We offer all the options and accessories you may need for system protection and reliability as well as hassle-free maintenance. Where you need it. You can rely on meticulously managed worldwide delivery from our operations in the United States and Mexico. VTC’s highly skilled field service organization can provide all on-site erection and commissioning services. All of our technicians are well versed in transformer manufacturing and testing procedures and are equipped with a fully fitted field service trailer in the US for on-site installation and testing. We also maintain designated service shops across the US, Mexico and South America for warranty and preventative maintenance services. When you need it. With VTC as your supplier, you get the quickest delivery time in the industry. Oil-filled transformers ship in as little as 12 weeks. Larger power transformers are ready for installation in fewer than 32 weeks. Outline drawings can be submitted in a few weeks with our AutoCAD® design system. Throughout the design and manufacturing process, customers can rely on direct, timely contact with our application and design engineers. Post-installation service is literally at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a call to our dedicated toll-free service hotline. We maintain a service commitment to respond to these calls within hours.


Range – 300 kVA to 100 MVA up to 230 kV class

Loading – Designed to deliver rated current and MVA in all tap positions

Service – Outdoor or Indoor

Basic Impulse Level (BIL) – Per ANSI standard

Impedance – ANSI standard

Coils – Aluminum or copper conductor, circular construction, continuous or helical disc, or barrel wound

Cooling Fluid – Type II mineral oil, or less flammable oil available up to 15 MVA

Fluid Preservation System – Sealed tank

Cooling Radiators – Plate type

Gauges and Accessories

  • Liquid temperature
  • Liquid level gauge
  • Vacuum pressure gauge
  • Drain Valves
  • Filter press connections (top and bottom)
  • Automatic pressure relief device
  • Control wiring in flexible conduit
  • Other accessories available

Paint – ANSI 61 enamel on sandblasted surface, other colors available

Nameplate – Stainless steel, engraved

Bushings – Cover or side mounted

Other – Welded top cover, 19-in manhole covers, provisions on base for skidding, transformer lifting lugs, stainless steel ground pads

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