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For over forty years, Virginia Transformer Corp has lead the industry as the best choice for customized transformer for business, government and industry. We have supplied transformers from 300 kVA to 30,000 kVA for variable speed AC, DC, PWM and cycloconverter drives with 6, 12, 18, 24 & 36 pulse applications. The major industries we serve are Steel, Petroleum, Oil & Gas, Material handling, Mining, food, paper and cement. Additionally, VTC also supplies transformers for power quality, battery storage & K factor applications. Our Drive Transformers are installed in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Asia, the Middle East, Northern Africa, and throughout South America.

In the onerous applications that are typical of Drive-duty applications, VTC understands what is required to satisfy our customer. It’s our commitment to total individual solutions. And they also know we’re just as demanding when it comes to exceptional product design. Below are specific design advantages that ensure a transformer from VTC will be the most reliable and efficient you’ll find anywhere:

  • Increased thermal margin means heating from overload and harmonics won’t decrease the life of a VTC transformer.
  • Magnetically balanced winding designs handle common faults and impact loads and are metal applications. Multiple secondary windings are wound very precisely to maintain the magnetic balance.
  • Surge shields designed into VTC windings evenly distribute voltage surges from controlled rectifier action and switching of incoming breakers.
  • Superior core construction handles excessive heating and forces from higher frequency voltage wave forms.
  • Lower insulation stresses withstand voltage surges and ensure the design life of the transformer.
  • Multiple Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) of dry type coils provides corona-free operation and increased mechanical strength.
  • Higher BIL-rated transformers handle switching surges in Pulse Width-Modulation (PWM) and other demanding power electrical circuits.
  • Lower current density means high radial short circuit strength in the winding.

With over 10,000 uniquely tweaked custom designs generated from our Engineering House of highly experienced Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, some of whom sit on IEEE to set the guidelines, VTC is exceptionally competent for a design that is most appropriate.

All of Virginia Transformers manufacturing facilities are located in North America with facilities in Virginia, Idaho, and Georgia and in Mexico. This brings the flexibility to position our manufacturing strategically closer to the end user location and to bring lead times to be the lowest in the continent.
We guarantee that when you partner with Virginia Transformer, you will be more than satisfied with our care, attention to detail, and timeliness of submittals and shipment.

Virginia Transformer Corp’s goal is to be your first choice for your power transformer needs, let us show you why we are “The Commitment Company.”



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