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Production Supervisor-Pocatello, ID

 Production Supervisor

Location :- Pocatello,ID

Summary: This position is responsible for insuring the production plan and manufacturing goals are carried out for assigned department utilizing all personnel, materials and equipment to produce a quality product built and shipped on time. The Departmental Supervisor must insure that the goals and objectives for department assigned meet the requirements established.

Essential functions include, but are not limited to:

1. Communications: Establish a weekly departmental communications meeting. These meetings are to communicate schedules, Company news, departmental news and discuss issues/resolutions. Meetings must have a set time and take place as scheduled-should not exceed 30 minutes. (Meeting times should be communicated to the Management team so that, if other members of Management have something to share, time may be requested on meeting schedule).

2. Allocate personnel as necessary within department in order to efficiently utilize; to best meet production needs.

3. Insure that all reviews are completed on a timely basis. There should be no late reviews (0).

4. Insure that all SHAPE increases are warranted and that skills have been acquired prior to increase given.

5. Insure personnel within department are cross-trained so absences, vacation, etc. will create minimum downtime.

6. Insure utilization of trainers within department to perform audits of skills necessary, to perform job functions. Insure skill-training areas are established in department for the purposes of training and assessment and that skills are being applied for productivity improvements. Coordinate with Training Administrator/H.R.

7. Safety: Insure department completes accident report within 12 hours of an accident and submit to Safety and Compliance. Review safety issues during meetings with Department. Report safety statistics for department-chart.

8. Housekeeping: Utilize MBWA (Management by Walking Around) to insure department is well organized and maintained at highest levels of cleanliness. Maintain departmental charts on Housekeeping.

9. Attendance: Maintain attendance records on assigned personnel. Attendance forms will be supplied by H.R. Maintain departmental charts on attendance.

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10. Retention: Utilize all means possible to retain personnel assigned to department. Maintain departmental charts on retention.

11. Quality: Insure ISO policies and procedures are maintained and being adhered to. Maintain rework report that contains; what happened, when, cost of materials, labor hours lost, effect to schedule, and corrective actions taken to eliminate root cause. Maintain departmental charts on Quality/Rework.

12. Production Ratios: Production ratios must be monitored and continuous improvements sought. Departmental charts to be maintained.

13. RTS: Per the master/departmental schedule, plan ahead for materials, drawings, etc. to insure RTS meets highest levels. The master schedule should be broken down by Supervision and a departmental schedule developed and communicated. The departmental schedule should show, by unit, the RTS to the next internal customer based on the master schedules date for the next process to start. The information should be charted and updated daily.

14. Overtime: Overtime must be approved on a weekly basis by immediate Supervisor. Planned overtime request should be submitted by Wednesday of each week to Area Managers identifying jobs to be worked on. Also on request form the amount of overtime worked in previous week vs. previous week plan. Chart overtime.

15. Discipline: Insure department is enforcing discipline consistently and fairly.

16. Continuous Improvement: Perform one continuous improvement study every two months. This study should outline the problem; persons selected from department to do study; root cause; and corrective actions put in place and/or recommended upon completion of study. (Identify cost to fix problem and cost savings per fix).

17. Morale: Take actions to insure highest possible morale within department. Internal departmental functions should be planned on a regular basis with a minimum of one per quarter. (i.e. pot luck lunch).

18. Budget: Develop and maintain a procedure for tracking budget/expenditures within department.

19. Summary: Attend weekly planning meetings; departmental meetings-weekly; training to meet production needs/cross training plan; increases/reviews performed timely; safety statistics charted; ISO procedures maintained/adhered. Housekeeping charted; attendance charted; retention charted; quality/rework charted; production ratios/RTS charted; overtime charted. Departmental functions for morale. Six continuous improvement studies per year per department. Maintain departmental budgets. Develop plan showing what our last years experience has been, where we are at present and how we plan to achieve continuous improvement in all of the above areas for department. Report on each item above in monthly report to Manufacturing Manager. Place departmental charts in central location within department for all to see.

20. Other duties as assigned by Manager.

Accountability: Reports to Manufacturing Manager

Required: Minimum 5-10 years in a manufacturing environment, preferable in a management role. Two-year degree in Technical or Business discipline. Experience may be substituted for Degree.

Note: VTC management retains the discretion to add to or change the duties/specifications of this position at any time.

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