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Hakan Sahin awarded “Outstanding Service Award” from IEEE

Hakan Sahin awarded “Outstanding Service Award” from IEEE

On Wednesday, March 30th, 2022, Mr. Hakan Sahin, was chosen to receive the coveted “Outstanding Service Award” from IEEE. Mr. Sahin was also recently promoted to the position of Assistant VP of Manufacturing Operations. Previously, he held the position of Corporate Director of Process Excellence. As part of his work with IEEE, Mr. Sahin chairs three different working groups, including:

  • C57.12.90 (Continues revisions to Test code for power and distribution transformers)
  • C57.125 (Failure investigation, Analysis and reporting for power and distribution transformers)
  • C57.138 (Routine impulse test for distribution transformers)

Mr. Sahin has also been very involved with conducting webinars to help share his knowledge of everything related to transformers with our customers, sales reps, employees, and attendees at multiple industry events. Virginia Transformer Corp is known for its highly-experienced engineers and Mr. Sahin is a shining example. We consider ourselves lucky to have him on our team and want to extend the most sincere congratulations to him on earning this well-deserved award!


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