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March 2017 C&I Project successes


Date : April 19, 2017 | Author : Subhas Sarkar


March 2017 C&I Project successes

C& I market for Virginia Transformer booked an order for 2 x 15000/16800/20000/22400/25000/28000kVA, 69/13.2kV, LTC, Mineral Oil Power Transformers from Electrical Equipment Company, Winchester VA.  Those will be utilized in a replacement project for end customer Indian Head Navy Support Facility, Indian Head MD.

Virginia Transformer also secured a purchase order for 2 x 7500/10500 kVA, 34.5/8.32 kV, Mineral Oil Pad-mount transformers from Philadelphia Electrical Equipment, West Chester, PA.   The end user for those transformers is Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital, PA.


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