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VTC-GTC Covid-19 Customer Update


Date : March 16, 2020 | Author : Ben Nicely

Dear Customers and Associates                                                                                                                             3-16-20

I have steered the business during the past flu outbreaks such as SARS in 2003 to MERS in 2015.    I have taken even stronger steps this time, given the potential of this Virus.

We are actively protecting our employees from the virus.  

We have:

  • Published regular guidelines to all employees on status of the virus in the country
  • Updates on Recommendation from the health authorities and provided guidance to our employees in small groups, postings and circulars
  • Offered free testing for those suspected of the virus
  • Offered paid sick leave up to 30 days when needed
  • Training for precautions and prevention from the local hospital
  • Offered free day care when the schools are closed
  • We have planned for absenteeism to maintain to continue our operation.
  • Educated our employees to be alert and focused at work to compensate for employee absence

Trained our supervisors and managers to be alert and keep sharp eye to eliminate rework and delays

  • Provided a service to our Customers so you do not have to travel via remote testing of your transformer:  Chihuahua, Mx and Roanoke VA plants offer customer controlled 360 deg audio / video cameras in the test Lab; all other plants offer skype/ face time / etc.
  • Encouraged our employees to maintain our performance and further improve from:
    • First pass yield 95 %
    • On time performance 92 %
    • Partial Discharge level 100 Pico Coulomb
    • Sound level 10 dB below industry standard

You can contact us 7/24 -please mention COVID 19 if urgent response is required

  • RFQ for transformers   from 1 MVA to 400 MVA –
  • We can quote within 24 hr.
  • Service response available within 24 hrs.
  • We have 15000 designs build during last 50 years
  • One of these ca n work for you should you need urgent support for COVID 19 response
  • We can produce one of these designs in 8 weeks for a 1 MVA, 14 weeks for 30 MVA, longer for larger sizes
  • Attached are a few slides to acquaint you with VTC -GTC product range and service markets

Please contact our sales leaders for your needs: (add cell phones)

  1. Tom Aikens   208.317.4548
  2. Balram Ramamurthy 731-394-5738
  3. Steve Park 540-988-3037
  4. Vikash Gupta 540-519-1271
  5. Robert Ratcliffe 434-386-7937
  6. Bill Oliver 540-685-3706
  7. Ashish Tyagi 540-589-2580
  8. Gilberto Aguilar +52 1 614 126 8510
  9. Brian McCarrick 540-589-2718



Prabhat Jain,
Virginia Transformer Corporation

office: 540-682-5150 and 5282 – do not leave message

cell : 540-819-2053 – leave message

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