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How much can we customize the drive/rectifier duty transformers to fit your application?


Date : March 31, 2017 | Author : vtc

VTC has recently supplied 2 complex, highly customized drive/rectifier duty transformersto ASARCO SILVERBELL mine, AZ through Arizona Electrical apparatus, AZ. AEA is largely focused on the mining Industry in AZ, NM, Co, UT, WY, Mt, & NV. The 2 x 3.525MVA, 4.16kV primary with two secondary windings with WYE and Inverted WYE connections are used as ANSI circuit 45 with interphase and ANSI circuit 46 with interphase connection will be used as spare units for processes in the mine. As you can see in the adjacent picture it’s not your standard rectifier transformer.   Our highly skilled engineers are delighted to use their extensive and broad application knowledge to optimize and best fit your needs.  From 6 to 36 pulse we work with all drive manufacturers making us the premium source of reliable, short lead time specialty transformers.

How do we continue to be a preferred supplier to our customers?

VTC has supplied four 12.5/23.3MVA, 69kV class Power Transformers to Mosaic Fertilizer LLC, FL. All four transformers were UL labeled as per Mosaic’s requirements.  VTC has successfully worked with Mosaic in the past supplying transformers for several projects. We could say we are a preferred supplier.

The way we continue to stay that way is by understanding the customer needs and providing the best solution possible.  The highly experienced engineering and technical teams in all our factories, combined with state of the art equipment, lean processes driving the “no defect” design and manufacturing allow us to provide the shortest lead time in the industry.

Virginia Transformer Corp is a full service provider of power transformers in all sizes and specifications
focusing on 1,500KVA to over 400MVA with designs and capabilities up to 345kV.

What they’re saying

United Electric, MD – 7.5/8.4MVA, 15kV

Customer told us: “I have long term relationships with some of the other manufacturers but at this point I feel I made the right decision to use Virginia transformer for my proposal. Thank you for your continued quick responses to this opportunity.”

Michelin North America Inc – 12/18 MVA,44kV unit for Tuscaloosa, AL plant  

Customer told us: “Project was quoted by 4 other bidders other than VTC. Virginia had best technical & complete proposal and only proposal on which no clarifications were needed after bid evaluation.”

Northern Tier Refining, MN

(SPPR is 90,500 barrel per day cracking facility)

Awarded 1st order to Virginia for 2 units of 2.5MVA. This refinery has more than 75+ ABB transformers purchased in the past.

Ferndale Electric,MI for COBO Convention Center. Detroit

Three units of 7.5/10.5MVA will be delivered in 2017 which will power North American International Auto show scheduled in 2018

Customer told us: “We really appreciate that Virginia has done everything to meet their project requirement; never got this fast response before “

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