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Market Segment Manager – Roanoke, VA

Virginia Transformer Corp

Market Segment Manager

Key Top Line responsibility:

Profile the given Market segment taking overall responsibility of market size, market characteristic, Customer behavior, product to market application feature profiling, direct marketing, preparation of collateral, analyze competition, pricing acceptance, sales trajectory,  margin, all leading to a full market business strategy.

Job Functions

Market Related

  • Define the market – Examples – Data Centers / Paper & Pulp / Battery Energy Storage / Oil & Gas Nation Wide US – detail as Developers / EPCs/ Contractors
  • List the “soft players” – Consultants / Engineers – influencers
  • Master list of market players – all Key Customer Accounts – revise periodically as discovery takes place
  • Assess the market size – quantitative deduction in MVA / $ – backed by secondary and derived data.
  • Estimate a target potential given the infrastructure / manpower / capacity and price realization
  • Know customer needs through research and market data
  • Develop product lines and appraise new ideas for market viability
  • Assess competition by comparing products
  • Create product marketing communications objectives
  • Work with the Sales director to create product sales strategies
  • Work with customers and sales to evaluate sales call results
  • Create long- and short-term product sales forecasts and analysis for management
  • Segment market with return-on-investment analysis
  • Determine product pricing based on market research, production costs and anticipated demand
  • Schedule and assign operational requirements
  • Manage the product team, including coaching, planning, monitoring and job appraisal
  • Professional and technical education, attending workshops, seminars, etc.
  • Product management and product development
  • People management and customer research
  • Requirements analysis including pricing and planning
  • Competitive analysis
  • Project 3 year revenue stream
  • Analyze and set sales channels
  • Financial planning and strategy

Product Related

  • Define the product range applicable
  • Cast the spec that sells / features that appeal
  • Assess the USP that needs to be built in – what does the Customer look for / value addition that will sell.
  • Add on feature that will differentiate from competition – eco VCM as an example.
  • Plant capacity occupation assessment – how much will this segment occupy of each plant

Pricing /profit Related

  • Survey the market price – price that the market will pay
  • Assess what the market will value to pay higher
  • What product appeal / feature will motivate Customer to place a premium to the product
  • Cast a price bandwidth to operate / relate it to volume
  • Project profit

Field related / Operational influencers

  • Study and define what field and operational value added services sell / are valued
  • Define them and structure the Sales strategy to line up to it. Example – eco VCM monitored / maintenance inspection intervals notified / offer service as AMCs
  • Promote a concept of fit and forget uninterrupted quality power

Manpower related

  • Define the Sales personnel placement / drive from existing locations
  • Cast the regional target as a breakdown from segment target / define with time

Rep Management related

  • What is the Rep “turn on” in this segmental promotion game
  • Sell the Win-Win concept by opening up and focusing on a specific segment
  • Message the Rep – we promote this segment – they benefit – so run the program

Strategic Related

  • Cast a full strategy paper on the segment covering all above.
  • Cover KYC – Customer info intelligence – KYC (Know Your Customer) – behavior / characteristics / decision maker / decision influencer / what is their key look out changes based on situation.
  • KYM –  Know your Market – Understand the application / extract the key influencer, consequence aspects for the Xmer / play the card to that table.
  • KYC & KYM for situation benefit – premium pricing over competition
  • KYC & KYM for developmental benefit – Look out for new application / new product / USP in the market situation
  • Segment strategy plan and focus – Make Team understand too.
  • Development for pipeline / new Customer / new application – wide base Customer base
  • Wired to the industry / market happenings – be part of the Customer industry – not an equipment supplier – but a solution provider who understands where his product is used.
  • Development emphasis on New Accounts with revenue stream potential

Candidate Profile

  • Engineer preferred, but not a must
  • An MBA or BS in Marketing
  • Candidate exp in chosen segment or similar
  • Min experience of 3 years in marketing
  • Have been in a market assessment / handling environment for 3 min years preferred
  • Flair for the segment / ownership / responsibility / deliverable passion and desire
  • Work with an Internal candidate to expedite project 
  • Professional requirements to follow the Job Functions requirement

Location :- Roanoke, VA-

Pay range : $ 80,000 to $ 120,000 based on qualification and experience with relevance to assignment.

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