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The transformer tank serves as the container for the insulating fluid (oil) while providing physical protection for the active part. It also provides the support structure for associated accessories and controls. Every tank design is performed to meet specific customer specification and requirement.

Advanced 3-Dimensional Computer aided design tools are used create drawings for review, to ensure:

  • Mechanical integrity for operation and shipping.
  • Ability to withstand a full vacuum and pressure
  • Mitigation of leaks
  • Withstand seismic events if required
  • Minimization of damage if an internal fault occurs

Important features of our transformer tanks include but not limited to:

  • A 36-hot rolled, low carbon steel plates is cut per engineering drawings using a plasma machine
  • Welded top cover with lifting eyes for top only, slanted top cover is provided if required
  • Provision on base for skidding
  • Transformer lift lugs and jack pads for jacking, pulling and lifting
  • No corner welds with tank seams welding inside and out provided per specification / requirement
  • Tank seams are welded using a robot welding setup
  • Tanks are designed for inert gas preservation
  • Raised flange design with machines gasket grooves
  • Manhole provided for easy access during maintenance or service
  • Tank wall braces provided to withstand full vacuum and pressure during operation

Substrate: Hot-rolled, low carbon, A36 plate steel.

Surface Preparation: Interior surfaces of the tank and cover are thoroughly cleaned and prepared prior to the application of the white, two-part, oil-resistant epoxy enamel.

Coating Procedure: Interior surfaces of the tank and tank cover are coated with white, two-part, oil-resistant epoxy enamel.

Exterior surfaces are primed with a two-part epoxy primer and top-coated using two-part urethane high gloss finish coat.

All coating materials are applied with air-assisted spray guns, with the paint delivered to the guns using plural component equipment that automatically measures and mixes the paint systems to eliminate operator error.

Coatings then “sit” to produce a uniform cured coating.

Coating Result: Interior coating compatible with transformer oil per ASTM 3455 and a 3-mil exterior coating capable of meeting ANSI C57.12.28.

Since 1971 our transformers have excelled in a variety of locations, from indoor to outdoor to the harshest environments.  Our four factories offer the flexibility to meet or exceed protection for just about any site conditions and customer requirements.    If you have a special paint requirement for your medium or large power transformer, please contact us.  We will work with you to find the best transformer paint solution.

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