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Virginia Transformer experts to present at leading industry training conference



Ben Nicely

Virginia Transformer experts to present at leading industry training conference  

ROANOKE, Va. (February 5, 2020) – Virginia Transformer Corp. (VTC), the premier North America-based, large-power transformer manufacturer, is presenting at the Life a Transformer Seminar, the world’s premier training experience for large power transformers.

The conference, hosted by Doble Engineering, takes place Feb. 10 in Orlando, Fla. Amitabh Sarkar, director of technology at Virginia Transformer’s facility in Pocatello, Idaho, and Balakrishnan Mani, senior product development engineer, based in Roanoke, Va., will present on the topic of Autotransformers.

“Virginia Transformer has a rich heritage of presenting our collective expertise to help our industry excel,” said Prabhat Jain, CTO/CEO. “We are honored to share our extensive knowledge of large power transformers and best practices in designing, manufacturing and servicing , so our industry can continue to innovate.”

Virginia Transformer is a provider of custom-engineered power electrical transformers for utility, renewable energy, industrial, mining, oil and gas, commercial, institutional, specialty, and export markets in power ranges from 500 kVA to 500 MVA. Our goal is to deliver a perfect transformer for your application. To learn more, please visit


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