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Mining, a vital industry that truly functions on reliable power. This sector of the industry, on a world-wide scope, depends on power to harness natural resources such as aggregates, precious metals, iron ore, oil, gas and coal. All the machinery involved in this process uses power, in vast amounts from start to finish. Both surface and underground mining operations use power to extract minerals and load trucks. This industry uses a tremendous amount of power to get the job done.

The role of a transformer in the mining industry is at the heart of operation, converting distribution voltage into utilization voltage for operations at the load center. Since the transformer is one of the most critical elements of operation, it must meet many requirements in safety, reliability and efficiency. The mining industry works on power, and the transformer is the source of that power for many different areas.

Load losses are never good for business and we pride ourselves in designing a more efficient transformer to reduce losses and costs. In addition, this industry exists in very harsh environments surrounded by dust, dirt, chemicals, moisture and airborne contaminants. This not only (potentially) effects the performance of the transformer internally, but external protection is a major consideration as well. We offer paint systems made to protect a unit based on its environment.

After all, Virginia Transformer got its start providing power for the underground mining industry over 45 years ago.

There are different uses for transformers in the mining industry, so both liquid-filled and dry type are used. Depending on the application, there are some performance advantages that have been utalized. Liquid-filled units have a greater overload capacity, are better at reducing hot-spot coil temperatures, and because of their thermal dissipation, have lower losses.

Dry type transformers are typically used for lower ratings and they are typically used indoors. They are generally enclosed with louvers or are sealed, they use almost no flammable materials, so pose no fire hazard when used in coal and other mines. Virginia Transformer also offers TENV (Totally Enclosed, Non-Ventilated) transformers, and for indoor operation supplies dry type up to 5000 kV.

Virginia Transformer and Georgia Transformer Corporation has the engineering expertise and refined manufacturing processes to build some of the most dependable, long lasting units available. For the mining industry, we offer transformers for drag lines, blast hole drilling and shovels (mil 167).
We customize our transformers to client specifications.

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