The #1 US-owned power transformer manufacturer in North America Core type transformers up to 500 MVA, 525kV Shortest lead time in the industry Shell type power transformers up to 1400MVA 500kV The most reliable transformers made right here in the USA



WHY VTC It’s Simple

Reward and Recognition:

As an organization we complete to build and retain our most prized asset – our people – Reward and Recognition (R&R) programs are crucial to motivate employees and enhance job satisfaction. We give out spot awards, Employee OF the Month Award, Service Awards and many more to encourage our employees.

Educational Initiatives 

Tuition reimbursement i.e. people currently doing part time MBA It’s hard to focus on work (or, more importantly, enjoy life) when you’re worried about finances. That’s why we offer to pay for all employees who are currently doing part time MBA. It’s important to us that we help employees become better in many aspects of their life both inside and outside of work.


The company offers its employees competitive compensation, as well as a complete package of first-rate employee benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Healthcare & Insurance:Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability& Life Insurance etc.
  • Referral Programs
  • Management certification

What our employees have to say about VTC:-

  • Our people are what make a difference!
  • See what some of our employees say about being part of VTC-GTC.

Be a engineering pioneer:

All our emplyees go through a rigorous and extensive technical training program that continues throughout their careers at VTC. Ongoing programs are designed to enhance and expand the skills of each employee. All of our facilities are ISO 9001 certified, and operate under the most demanding quality assurance processes.
Reasons to work for VTC

Growth Happens Here:
Opportunities for professional development and personal growth

Quality technical training program on what a transformer is, how it works, and applications of transformers

Innovation Happens here:
Free thinking company which allows employees to use imagination & be creative, where your ideas can become a successful solution

An environment where you can make a difference: 
Virginia Transformer Corp will give you the ower to make a difference. If you have the drive and the raw talent, VTC will give you the opportunities.

Diversity Happens Here:
Opportunity to work with a diversity of people all with unique personalities, abilities and interests

Challenging and Intelligent Colleagues:
You are among the industry’s most intelligent, highly educated and Exceptionally result oriented professionals who are supportive and always willing to help

Feel secure working for a financially stable and reliable company. We are a privately held and debt free company.

Low Cost of Living: 
All Our facilities are located in such an area where the cost of living is minimum and The Roanoke Region boasts a low cost of living so your money goes further. There’s a reason why Roanoke is ranked among the Top 15 places for low business costs and the Top 100 Places for Business and Careers by

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