The #1 US-owned power transformer manufacturer in North America Core type transformers up to 500 MVA, 525kV Shortest lead time in the industry Shell type power transformers up to 1400MVA 500kV The most reliable transformers made right here in the USA

To be an internationally recognized manufacturer and supplier of high quality specialized power transformers, and associated equipment, and services by fulfilling our commitments to the customer, our employees and stockholders through continued growth and improvement.

Our Requirements for Success:
Quality; Process Flow: Teamwork: Product design and development; Cost Control; Lead Times; Global Marketplace; Commitment; Customer Expectation; Technological Advancements; Strategic Planning; On-Time Performance; Employee Selection and Retention; Employee Training and Development.

Our Guiding Principles:
Pride; Team Player; Fairness; Rewards and Recognition; Creativity; Trust; Ownership; Professional; Honesty; Hard Work; Innovative; Safety; Change; Proactive.

By creating a culture of customer commitment and continuous improvement by maintaining a safe, efficient and satisfying workplace for our employees.

Customer Reviews

Summit Power Solutions LLC- By William (Bill) Fragapane

“ Proposals from Virginia/Georgia Transformer Corp are one of the best we get and are very detailed; of anyone we have worked with, this company offers the most detailed transformers. We were very pleased with the final proposal and it’s details; additionally, whenever we needed to consult field service department on the phone, they were very knowledgeable & responsive.”


CED- By Wade Logan

“ We have gotten so many transformers from Virginia Transformer Corp that it is now hard for us to tell which one is which; this company have always done a very good job down the board and it has been really nice; at times we were somewhat nervous but are very happy with the overall experience and products we received.“





I started my career in Purchasing in the early 1980’s in a large manufacturing facility. In the mid 1990’s the facility was moved to another state and the operation closed. I worked with other companies as a Procurement Specialist, however, it was not in manufacturing. When it came to my attention that Virginia Transformer was hiring, I applied because I wanted to be in the manufacturing environment again. I also knew that VTC was a stable company that has been around for over 40 years.  Although manufacturing is a complex business, it is also challenging and that is why I wanted to work for VTC.  I have learned a lot about the power industry in my time here. VTC has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills as a Procurement Specialist.

I enjoy learning new things and here at VTC, I learn new things almost daily. VTC has offered seminars for continuing education and I  have recently joined the Toastmasters International group at VTC.

I believe in a company who gives back to the community and VTC does this by their involvement with the United Way and Habitat for Humanity to name a few.

I love the diversity of the people who I work with. We have individuals from many different cultures and backgrounds

Quality Supervisor

“In 2005 decided to move from Central Florida to Virginia after researching the cost of living, employment and population factors which were favorable. While seeking employment in various locations in Virginia, I was given the opportunity become Virginia Transformer’s ISO Coordinator and I have been with the company since then.

This company, more than any of the others I encountered in the area, afforded me an opportunity to make a positive difference for the company through the development of procedures, online tools and improved processes.

The most enjoyable part of my work is teaching others how to improve the quality of their output as well as improving the quality of their work experience through the use of software, better work instructions/forms and the latest equipment.

Of the many learning opportunities, I have encountered here at VTC one of the most poignant would be the Transformer Course taught by Mr. Jain. Before this my knowledge base included manufacturing/process engineering, quality, electronics and basic electricity but I really had little knowledge of power transformers or electrical transmission technology”

Materials Supervisor

“From the time that I first came to Virginia Transformer (in 2007) until now, I have always, and most, enjoyed the immense number of genuinely good people that I get to work with across all departments of the company.

Our company size has grown leaps and bounds over the last 9 years that I have been with VTC; evolving over that time (with my department itself moving from a nine man team at three plants, to a centralized team of four with an additional support team of at least two per plant, and the addition of GTC (a new plant, with new designs and processes—and therefore new products to develop, as well).  Keeping the same close-knit communications we had when I first began…if I have a question on our winding processes, I call up our winding supervisor-question on my paycheck I can get directly in touch with the CFO…no one is too absorbed in their own goals to be able to help another, because our end goal is the same.

It is really an inspiring environment, where our coworkers and other group members, and supervisors and officers, are both ready and willing to guide anyone in the direction of our end goals.  It is truly a team and – from the captain to the water boy – we have a wonderful mechanism for support of each other to press on and succeed alongside our company’s marketplace success”

HR Manager (Pocatello, ID)

“Having completed nearly two years at Virginia Transformer, I can confidently say that I’ve been provided with a job experience that was much more than I was looking for.  Working at VTC has done a lot for me professionally; not only was I able to restart my career here but I’ve been able to take it to the next level.  VTC is big enough to provide you with mentors that are experienced in their fields but small enough to where you can have, frequent, meaningful contact with these individuals.  Another important factor in choosing VTC as an employer was the stability it has as a company.  These days it’s important to be able to find an employer that has a good history of growth, good financial practices, and the ability to grow with the company – this combination can be hard to find.  You can find this combination here at Virginia Transformer.  Although all of these experiences contribute to why my job here is fulfilling, the biggest factor that keeps me going every day is the people.  From the plant floor to the highest reaches of management, I have never worked with such a good group of men and women.  I have frequently (even recently) stopped and said to myself, ‘I love my job!’ and this is all because of the people that make up Virginia Transformer.”

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