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Job Details

Sourcing Manager

Virginia Transformer and Georgia Transformer Corp is “the engineering firm that makes transformers”. With a history in custom-design and construction of power transformers since 1971, we have firmly established ourselves as one of the leading U.S. transformer manufacturers. Our four state-of-the-art North American facilities produce power transformers for any conceivable application – GSU, substations, auto-transformers, grounding transformers, drive duty, rectifier, exciter, voltage regulator, just to name a few – and our product line runs all the way from 300 KVA up to 400 MVA /345 kV class for core type liquid filled,  1,400 MVA / 500kV shell type liquid filled and up to 20 MVA/35 kV for dry-type.


This position will assure Supply Chain reliability of all material through vendor management and logistics control by ensuring process and inspection controls, vendor capacities, process audits, RCDE, logistic systems, etc.


  • To work safely is in an electrical manufacturing environment and interact with all levels of the organization (production team members, peers, engineering, quality, and administration.
  • Understand, display, and champion the Core Values of VTC.
  • Estimate and assess the material requirements for various plants and prepare the supply chain matrix from domestic and overseas sources
  • Establish and secure vendor capacities and contracts to meet the demand.
  • Establish and secure logistic plan for timely and reliable delivery of materials.
  • Follow Vendor quality audits planning and execution
  • Develop Supplier quality audit plan to meet objective
  • Audit potential new suppliers to support Sourcing Manager                                       
  • Monitor suppliers to ensure compliance with quality expectations    
  • Support Vendor development
  • Perform RCDE and implement corrective actions


-Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Supply Chain

-Minimum of 10 years of experience in Supply Chain Management for assembly operations -Knowledge of materials – metals and non-metals, processes, and global logistics

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