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This position is responsible for effectively utilizing all manpower, material, and equipment to ensure timely and safe shipment of all VTC products and materials by the dates required. Ensure timely and safe shipment of VTC products. Monitor the carrier and the receiver such that the goods arrive without damage, on time, and the receiver can unload without difficulty. Enter items on Shipping Log as a control for the controller and as a tool to monitor and reduce shipping costs. Assure that all shipments receive prior-authorization by a staff manager or higher level. Coordinate with all appropriate departments what and when to ship and provide all resources for safe and smooth shipping. Assure that shipping / traffic problems are brought to the attention of the direct manager / supervisor for swift and timely resolution. Load and/or assist in the loading of all trucks when necessary. Provide or construct all blocking, crating, and tie-down of component parts and wires when necessary. Approve all freight bills to assure matching with contract arrangements and coordinate periodic audits of the shipping log with the Accounting Dept. Reports to Shipping Supervisor.

Job Type: Full-time

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