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Virginia Transformer Corp

Facilities Manager

Summary:  This position is responsible for effectively utilizing all manpower, material, and equipment to ensure that regular and successful maintenance and repair services are performed on all VTC facilities and equipment.

Essential functions include, but are not limited to:

  1. Schedule and direct the daily activities of all Maintenance personnel to ensure the timely and complete delivery of facility and equipment maintenance services. 
  2. Develop and implement effective plans to optimize equipment uptime. 
  3. Maintain and manage Inventory of spare parts to insure optimum facility support. 
  4. Develop and implement effective plans to minimize equipment breakdowns. 
  5. Report to management regarding periodic progress against the department’s work schedule and overall goals/objectives. 
  6. Develop and implement effective plans to improve the efficiency of the department. 
  7. Audit the service quality with respect to work performed in his/her work areas. 
  8. Develop and implement effective plans to minimize maintenance errors and inefficiencies. 
  9. Effectively coordinate the necessary resources to resolve problems in a timely and cost-effective manner. 
  10. Maintain a preventive maintenance schedule that corresponds to OEM recommendations. 
  11. Ensure compliance with ISO 9001 procedures. 
  12. Perform maintenance services as part of the regular required duties. Routinely working on ladders, electronic lifts and lifting 50 plus bounds. 
  13. Administer/enforce established Company personnel policies. 
  14. Provide frequent updates to employees regarding their performance, including timely and objectively written performance reviews/evaluations, and routine feedback to encourage good performance and improve marginal performance. 
  15. Maintain accurate attendance records.  Review time sheets.
  16. Actively participate in the selection of new employees.
  17. Ensure that all employees receive sufficient training to perform their jobs in a safe, efficient and quality manner.  This includes conducting monthly focus meetings and other tools to provide for adequate two-way communication with employees regarding safety, productivity concerns, etc. 
  18. Adequately provide for the safety of all employees in the department.  This includes, but is not limited to, providing safety training regarding all potential hazards, the elimination of hazards where practical, the monitoring of work conditions for safety hazards, and ensuring the work area is kept orderly. 
  19. Actively participate on the Company’s Safety Team. 
  20. Satisfy all work performance requirements as determined by the Manufacturing Engineering Manager, as well as all attendance guidelines as established by the April 1991 Employee Handbook. 
  21. Approve additions to machines, the facility or new equipment which maintenance will have to maintain. 
  22. Manage Capital Project Assignment as assigned. 
  23. Other duties as assigned by the Manufacturing Engineering Manager.

Accountability:  Reports to Manufacturing Engineering Manager.

Worker Specifications:


  1. Vocational or college-level instruction in HVAC, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical operations systems, or equivalent practical experience in equipment/facilities maintenance in heavy manufacturing environment. 
  2. Ability to work to heights up to 40 feet above floor level with the use of ladders and work platforms. 
  3. Proficient organizational, oral/written communications skills.


  1. Previous maintenance leadership experience in related heavy industry. 
  2. Thorough knowledge of respective VTC departmental operations.

Note:  VTC management retains the discretion to add to or change the duties/specifications of this position at any time


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