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Georgia Transformer

Assistant Materials Manager

POSITION TITLE:                           Assistant Materials Manager

REPORTS TO:                                 GTC – Inventory & Warehouse Supervisor


This position will assist in ensuring the timely and effective procurement, acquisition, storage, job kitting and inventory accuracy of goods for GTC product and operations in support of the Company’s business plan and budgetary parameters.

Assist in the overall management of the Purchasing and Inventory Control functions.  

a) training and overseeing the Purchasing/Inventory Control functions

b) providing adequate procurement support to GTC Sales, Engineering, and Manufacturing to ensure a smooth work process flow

c) Through the Materials supervisor ensure proper stockroom controls, receiving, kitting and delivery of parts to the shop

d) provide adequate sourcing of vendors to ensure timely, cost-effective procurement

e) providing the necessary support for departmental personnel

f) Assist with vendor quality and incoming quality resolution to reduce/eliminate production delays

g) Assist in the control of Production scrap reduction and key KPI’s, utilize Kizan events and best practices

h) Track deviations and material usages to optimize cost savings for the plant

i) Excess inventory reduction

j) Assist with RM control working hand in hand with Materials Supervisor


  • Assist in the Scheduling and directing the daily activities of the Purchasing and Inventory Control departments to ensure timely and effective materials procurement, storage, and delivery to the shop and to customers.
  • Help maintain inventory levels as directed by GTC business plan and other management directives.
  • Provide for routine inspection of incoming materials to ensure quality levels, and correct vendor/material quality deficiencies as needed through QCBD
  • Ensure inventory accuracy through periodic cycle counts
  • Assist in maintaining a perpetual inventory on all items, including expendables, used in manufacturing processes.
  • Participate in weekly AMP (Advanced Material Planning) meetings with Engineering and Plant Management, ensure schedules are reasonable and all Engineering releases are within expectations. Pull the information from Engineering to meet procurement plan and as agreed in AMP meeting.
  • EPPM report and follow up with corporate buyers for GTC materials.
  • Control all scrap sale with proper authorization.
  • Attend weekly CNQ meeting to understand and plan for upcoming business
  • Attend daily Production Status meeting and address material issues; contact Buyers as needed to insure uninterrupted Production.
  • Monitor internal procurement standards for cost containment and other procurement goals and objectives including MRP and MRO buying.
  • Monitor BOM releases against slow moving or accumulated inventories for possible use on jobs being reviewed.
  • Recommend to management a frequency review schedule for the established guidelines (e.g. Min/Max, MRP min) at not less than 6-month intervals.
  • Provide reports as required by management.


  • Cycle count (inventory) accuracy within company defined goals
  • Shop delays due to Material problems
  • On time delivery of kits to Production
  • Cost savings
  • Past Due receivers
  • Min/Max ordering schedules
  • Kitting accuracy


  • Bachelors degree (experience can offset)
  • 3 years purchasing experience
  • 5 years manufacturing

5 years of materials experience

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