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Improvements at VTCR since 2013 

The headquarters for our corporation is located a few miles away from the picturesque Blue Ridge Parkway in Roanoke, VA.  Designed and constructed specifically to produce power transformers, the 145,000-sq. ft. manufacturing facility is absolutely state of the art.

In December 2013, a new facility was developed 11 miles from the main plant on 25 acres of land, the tank fabrication, sand blasting and paint process was relocated there.  The tank fab plant is equipped with a welding robot that delivers leak free welds, down draft sand blast booth for personnel safety and a SP-10 finish per SSPC standard for premium paint adhesion. The paint system is an epoxy primer on an activated surface and a top coat of polyurethane baked to a hard finish. Good bye rusting! The plasma table has been fitted with an etching gun to mark the location of all accessories thus eliminating missed parts needing welding after painting!  The cross ventilation keeps the air free of weld fumes for the safety of personnel.  The tank walls are aligned with a laser to assure uniform clearance of the coils form tank wall.  Dye penetrant and mag particle leak checking technologies are available.

All tank fab facilities have been equipped with these improvements since 2013.  The combined capacity of all plants is >1500 tanks / year.  The teams are very proud to work in a clean and safe factory with a Mod Factor of 0.9 – better than industry standard.

The vapor phase drying (VPD) system was installed in 2015 in the transformer assembly building to get optimum insulation dryness to achieve 60 yrs life.  The automated VPD system is computer controlled. Technicians can download the process parameters to their cell phones.  Two (2) transformers can be processed simultaneously.  The chamber achieves a vacuum level of .25 torr.

A 2nd core cutting machine was installed in 2015 to increase the capacity and eliminate a critical single point of failure.  The machine cuts 26 inches wide core.  The edge burr level on this Belgian machine measured with a laser is typically less than 20 microns. The burr free edges deliver lowest losses, and sound level is reduced by 2 dB.

The core and coil assembly is laser aligned to assure uniform clearance from the coils on the tank wall.  The DETC is also aligned using laser to assure smooth shaft rotation and min contact resistance.

All floors of the plant were ground and sealed in 2015 to eliminate floor dust.  Four (4) winding machines were added to increase the capacity to build larger coils.  The plant is equipped to manufacture 30 MVA base rating, 161 kV, 650 kV BIL as well as manufacturing dry type to 10 MVA, 35 kV, 150 kV BIL.

A 2nd test bay was added in 2015, allowing two units to test simultaneously.  The impulse test capacity was increased to offer Switching Wave Impulse Testing.

The net result of the improvements are:

Reduced PD level below 300 PC; reduced sound level below NEMA standard for quiet operation and long life.  No rusting and defect free unit delivered to the site for trouble free installation.  The Roanoke plant achieved 100% pass rate 5 out of last 6 months.  It is recorded in medium power Transformer manufacturing.

Check out the Manufacturing section for further equipment details.

Call Plant Manager, Tim Smith  OR  technical Manager,  Parminder Panesar for additional information.  Matt Gregg is VP of operations over this plant.

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