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Georgia Power Transformer manufacturing facility located in Rincon, Georgia was built in 2009 by Efacec Energia using the best engineering and design concepts available for transformers up to 1,400 MVA & 500 kV, core form up to 400 MVA & 345 kV with a total capacity of 24,000 MVA.

Since acquiring the Rincon facility in January 2015, Georgia Transformer has been focused on strengthening the business and operations while keeping the foundations established by Efacec intact (Engineering designs, manufacturing processes / procedures, etc.).  The 250,000 sq. ft. facility is state of the art with controlled environment throughout in order to assure optimal pressure, humidity and temperature for insulation materials and other critical parts used in the transformer manufacturing process. The plant is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Continuous process improvement, the use of best practices and technology developed and used by the other plants were integrated at our Rincon facility.  Together with the existing personal we acquired highly qualified people, continued the hands on and theoretical training, developing and certifying the best workforce in the Power Transformer Industry.

We are a leader in supplying reliable power transformers. Our technology, people and transformer monitoring products allows us to produce a 60-year life power transformer for the utility industry.

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