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Weidmann 16th Annual Technical Conference


16th Annual Technical Conference

October 2 – 5, 2017

Hilton Savannah DeSoto, Savannah, GA

Weidmann has assembled a group of highly experienced and knowledgeable speakers to share their expertise with you. This excellent technical program will feature interesting and current presentations showcasing innovative and applied technologies specifically addressing transformer maintenance practices that will include new equipment materials, diagnostic testing, load tap changers and more.

The conference is designed to assist maintenance operators, engineers, and management in maximizing the life of electrical equipment in the field.

One of the main highlights of this program is a plant tour of one of the most advanced large power plants in America – GT Rincon, GA. You will have a great opportunity to connect what you learn in the seminar sessions with the practical applications of concepts in a live factory floor environment.

Our engineers will make special efforts to clear all your doubts regarding design, manufacturing, testing, shipping & installation of a power transformer.

Speakers include:

  • Representative Fluid Sampling and Insulation Fluid Quality Assessment Testing – Nick Perjanik, Weidmann Electrical Technology, Inc.
  • Safety Issues When Working on Transformers and Tap Changers – Mike Lau, Weidmann Electrical Technology, Inc.
  • Moisture in Insulation and Transformer Dryout – Mike Lau, Weidmann Electrical Technology, Inc.
  • Transformer Maintenance Practices – Mike Lau, Weidmann Electrical Technology, Inc.
  • A New Approach to Assessing the Quality of Electrical Insulation through Oil Testing – Nick Perjanik, Weidmann Electrical Technology, Inc.
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis – Fredi Jakob, Power Education Institute
  • Detection of Mixtures of Faults in Transformers by DGA with Duval Pentagons and Triangles – Michel Duval, Hydro-Quebec
  • Going Beyond Asset Health Ranking to Include Criticality, Failure Probability, Risk Mitigation and Cost  Impacts in Strategic Programs – Dave Woodcock, Weidmann Electrical Technology, Inc
  • Government Influence and Regulations of the Smart Grid – Joseph Donovan, Holland & Knight
  • The Value of Performing Power Factor Sweep Measurements on Power Transformers – Brandon Dupuis, OMICRON electronics Corp
  • Internal Transformer Inspections Without Draining Oil From the Transformer Using a Robot – Craig Stiegemeier, ABB, TRES
  • Update on Concepts and New Developments Regarding Cooling Technologies to Maintain the Health of Transformers – Vasanth Vailoor, TranTech Radiators
  • Categorizing Transformer Faults via Dissolved Gas Analysis – Randy Cox, GE Grid Solutions
  • Transient Recovery Voltage(TRV) for High-Voltage Circuit Breakers – Rogerio Verdolin, Verdolin Solutions, Inc
  • Effects of Loading on Insulation Degradation as Detected in Narrow Band Dielectric Frequency Response – Robert Breazeal, Southern California Edison
  • Transformer Temperature Rise Tests – Stephen Chan, EC & QA Engineering
  • Condition Assessment – the Insulation Manufactures View – Peter Heinzig, Weidmann Electrical Technology, Inc
  • Significance of Tertiary windings in Y-Y Connected Power Transformers – Subhas Sarkar & Vijay Pargaonkar, Virginia Transformer/Georgia Transformer
  • Mitigating Murphy’s Law While Test – Frédéric Dollinger, Haefely Hipotronics
  • VAM & DRM Innovative Diagnostic Methods for On Load Tap Changers – Carlos Bittner, Reinhausen Manufacturing
  • Alternative Testing Technologies for Field Diagnostics of Current Transformers – Volney Naranjo, Megger
  • Effect of the Geomagnetic Induced Currents in Power Transformers – Jorge Gonzalez de la Vega, ORTO
  • High Temperature Insulation Systems: an Important Tool in Design of Compact, Mobile or Fast-Deployable Large Power Transformer for Grid Resilience – Jean-Claude Duart, Dupont

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