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Quality Engineer – POCATELLO, ID

   Virginia Transformer Corp


   Quality Engineer

This position is responsible for assuring that the quality level of the product is maintained at an adequate level to support the company’s short and long term goals.  The position is to work at reducing the number of NCRs issued by eliminating problems during the creation process.  The position should also work toward reducing field service costs by preventing poor quality from leaving the factory.

  1. Reviewing and auditing internal processes to ensure compliance with printed procedures.
  2. Establishing a QC plan for new and complex jobs.
  3. Cataloging internal problems and establishing corrective action plans to eliminate the problems. Establishing follow-up surveillance to verify continued compliance with corrective actions.
  4. Planning for quality equipment requirements considering all product and safety needs.
  5. Analyzing and recording all internal and external defects and failures and providing leadership in establishing preventive actions.
  6. Providing technical support to the field service function.
  7. Auditing vendor quality both internal to the plant and at the vendor’s facility.
  8. Maintaining expertise in all applicable standards, internal and external, manufacturing and performance.
  9. Developing and documenting necessary process standards.
  10. Providing the technical training for shop personnel in order to instill quality in the process, including hands on training, and to assure the quality of the process.
  11. Supporting and guiding quality efforts at the VTC West facility


Essential functions include, but are not limited to:

  1. Be involved with all witness testing and inspection: in-process, test and final.  Work with the customers to understand their requirements and support VTC’s position.
  2. Track key internal and external quality indicators and issue periodic reports to inform and to help direct the Company’s resources in reaching the quality goals.
  3. Maintain library of all internal and external standards and shop process standards.
  1. Establish necessary internal quality assurance routines covering incoming materials, procedure, and process.
  2. Inform purchasing department regularly of vendor quality problems.
  3. Orchestrate and perform department, section or process audits to verify compliance with procedures.
  4. Conduct design reviews as needed to ensure the proper level of design integrity is being maintained.
  5. Audit and support as necessary the improvement of quality at VTC West.
  6. Maintain active membership in appropriate quality organization.
  7. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.


Accountability:  Reports to Quality Manager or designate.

Job Location :– POCATELLO, ID

Worker Specifications:


  1. Bachelor’s degree in engineering or equivalent.
  2. 1-2 yrs of relevant experience in transformers industry.


  1. Through knowledge of VTC shop and test procedures and processes.

Note:  VTC management retains the discretion to add to or change the duties/specifications of this position at any time.



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